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What is a niche?

A niche is simple, it is an audience. An audience looks for stuff online, for example, what are some of the last searches you did in Google. These are ALL niches.

In this video I am going to help you UNDERSTAND what a niche is, how to come up with niches that you are interested in, how to choose a niche...and if you can't come up with your own niche, then I give you a "plan of attack" for getting your business up and running in a pre-selected niche.

Here is what you are going to be doing within this tutorial:

  • Understand what a niche is
  • Finding your very own niche
  • Choosing your initial direction
  • Finding and search for affiliate programs
  • Using to uncover niches
  • Understanding Affiliate Bootcamp

A couple of resources I leveraged within this training that you can use for your niche research. These include:


If you have any questions about niches or what direction to go, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Great Information guys.
You say do something your are intersted in, but in the initial emails I got you say you don't have to be an expert "you become one" as you build your business.
So do we do something we are interested in just to get going whilst we are learning affiliate marketing and then move onto other things even if we have no knowledge of them?.

I ask because if my passion is something that is not going to be very profitable, surely I would want to be doing something that would be?.

I have a love of Birds, so I could sell bird cages for instance or parrot toys, those things won't really make me lots of money, but i would have thought niches in Golf, fitness and football for instance should, if done right be more profitable.

Hope you can see where i'm coming from, just trying to get my head around all this lol.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
I would always say Mark that profit should always come before passion. However if you're passionate about birds then a site about birds and keeping them fit and feeding them properly and what they need Could be profitable. However It will be unlikely to make as much as you could make in the make money online niche for instance or fitness. It doesn't mean that it will make a full-time living
KennyLee Premium
I think you have to be passionate in at least a certain aspect of the niche you're in. It doesn't have to be everything, but it helps to get you started.

I'm interested in mental health topics but unless I'm a doctor, I can't write from the point of authority. So, I share my view as someone who has gone through struggle and help people along the way.

Does it make money? Probably not, because most of the readers are struggling on their own and trying to get self-help that are free.

But the website has to be profitable, and for me, I started to write articles that will bring in money, such as aromatherapy and supplements.

To be frank, I knew nothing about essential oils, nootropics and stuffs like panax ginseng. I'm not an expert in that area.

But sometimes you have to write what you're passionate in and what you have to do to be profitable.

And unless you start writing and publishing, you won't know how profitable a particular niche is. Till now, I'm still not an expert in products that I'm promoting, but I'm doing so because they sell.
BvVugt Premium Plus
Hi Mark,

It depends on your stamina to write dozens of blog posts in the next couple of years about something you don't have an interest in, purely because you think you'll make more money. If money is enough of a motivator for you, find the niche that makes you the most money. I know that doesn't work for me, but for some people it works like a charm.

By the looks of it, your niche about birds, could be a profitable one. Because it is a well defined niche with a specific audience to target. If you become The To Go Guy for information about and products regarding birds and become an expert in your niche, you will earn money.

Passion is an amazing force. It keeps you motivated to write interesting articles, makes you able to share your enthousiasme and your wisdom and it makes other people happy to share their passion with you so you'll have a lot of engagement. Bird lovers finding other bird lovers through your website. How cool's that?

But again: if you prefer going for a niche that has bigger money opportunities, go for it. As long as you find and keep your motivation going. Good luck with building your business.


Dale123 Premium Plus
Why do you feel bird cages or parrot toys wouldn't make you a lot of money? That's the beauty of the internet - you're able to reach SO many people, and just think how many new people each day are looking to have birds as a pet, which means they'd need to buy a bird cage.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
It depends on what you define as good money
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Now that is a great balance
Whizz76 Premium
I totally agree with you.The danger of chasing money without passion for that niche is you will be in direct competition with people who have a passion and zeal for that niche and customers can always tell the difference between the two.For example its so evident on You Tube ,people who do fitness videos becoz its their passion and people who do fitness videos just because they think its popular and hope to get subscribers on their channel and henece monetize .The people with the passion for a certain subject or topic always win and usually their goal in never money as number one.Their goal is to fully express their commitment and joy in doing what naturally connects with them and that energy is powerful enough to attract followers in numbers.So yes passion trumps everything.U might be able to make money without passion but it will be all a weak sail without enough fuel to power it thru dark days and sooner or later it will all splutter to sudden demise.
That is a great point, for me £500 profit a week would be tremendous.
I suppose it's because, like a lot of folk who have signed up to WA, we have come through review sites, I myself came through yours Dale and the talk of £10,000 a month gets you worked up and excited.
I'm probably just being a doubting thomas at the moment as I just can't see big money in Birds or reptile Affiliate marketing. But tbh, it's what I love and I'm going for it and I'd be very happy with £500 per week profit....then, who knows.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Well the important thing here is that regardless of what you earn from 1 site - you can set up multiple... So there is absolutely no harm in pursuing a passion, gaining some momentum with that site & then starting another down the line. Either way though I would very strongly recommend starting with something that you are passionate about whilst you are learning, because it will make the process more enjoyable & less frustrating. Then you can apply your knowledge to other niche areas.

P.S. I just took a look and "bird cages" receives an average of 4481 searches per month... So let's say the average sale price is £50... There's a £224k+ per month market for you to tap into... As I say the worldwide reach that comes with online marketing is a very powerful thing :)
So far I have three (rather broad) niche ideas: yarnwork (crocheting, knitting, needle felting), video games (but I am not sure if digital platforms, like Steam or GOG have affiliate programs), and integrating sustainability into your daily routine (reviews of eco-friendly products that cover your day-to-day life).

I'm not sure which to pick, or how to narrow them down. In my view, yarnwork truly just involves yarn, tools and patterns, which by themselves might be too narrow? Indie video games feels narrowed down enough. The routine sustainability thing, I could potentially narrow it down to home-life, or jobs, etc...

Roberto22 Premium
If you are very passionate about yarn work then do it. As your learn on training for using Jazzy there is a ton you can do with those keywords.
AnisChity Premium Plus
Yarnwork & Indie video games look good.

Remember that your affiliate website should be about a niche "topic" you actually have passion or interest about.

You’re most likely to enjoy building an affiliate site in a niche you already enjoy, which makes your hobbies a good place to start.

For example, I love MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) so I might consider building an affiliate blog promoting MMA gear from Amazon like MMA gloves, shorts...

The great thing about using a hobby for your niche is your existing familiarity with the topic.

This means you’ll spend less time doing research, which makes the writing process less stressful. Trust me, if you pick a niche that you don’t enjoy on some level, the work will be a chore.

I learned that lesson when I tried to write dozens of articles about shoes. Never again.

Here are a few simple steps to get you started choosing your niche:

Make a list of your hobbies.

Think long and hard to answer this question: Which would you most enjoy writing about?

Next up, look for affiliate programs for your chosen hobbies. Which has the most earning potential?

Once you have a final list of hobbies with potential affiliate programs, do market research to see whether there is enough interest to warrant the effort.

Any niche you choose should have a decent built-in audience.
One good way to find out if there is a potential audience is by seeking out other big sites in your niche. If there’s competition, the topic is probably worth your time.

If you don't know how to find affiliate programs related to your niche or how to research the competition don't worry! Just follow the training here and you'll be good.

It's ok to get a bit confused at first because all of this is new to you! (we've all been there!) but after a few months, this will be second nature and most importantly this is worth the hard work because it will pay off big time!

Here are some good resources I found here at WA that will give you a better idea on how to choose a niche, please do spend some time to find the right niche because it's the most important thing to build a successful site! Cheers!
ryanking157 Premium
I have two general ideas for my niches.

1. Self-Care for college students: As a student myself, I see the damaging behaviors that college students do all the time and would love to help find ways to help in that area.

2. Long-Distance Relationships: I have been in an extremely life-giving and successful LDR for the past 3 years or so, and I would love to share with others what I've learned. However, I am less sure on how monetizing this niche for affiliate marketing would work.

Any thoughts?
DeniseAS Premium
Hi all I can think of off the top of my head is setting up a coaching program. I am not sure college students are a money market, so would not know how to help. Maybe put this to Kyle and see if he can come up with any ideas for you.
Cici01 Premium
Ryan I like both of these niches. I was once in a LDR. This population most definitely involves travel by car or by air. I could imagine something tied into making all the traveling easier. travel. Also, I remember searching the internet for gift ideas for each holiday that we couldn't be together....even 4th of July, Valentine or Veteran's Day. To make sure he was always thinking about me😇.
LuigiCappel Premium
My first niche is really easy for me because I have already dabbled in it, when I say dabble, it's dipping one toe in the water. The niche is gadgets and accessories for the guitarist. I have already experimented with a couple of YouTube videos (for way too cheap products) demonstrating products like an awesome guitar slide and a gadget called a Spider Capo. So really looking forward to going from dipping that toe in the water to doing a belly flop:)
Jaz333 Premium
I think this is a great niche! I know quite a few musicians and the one thing I can say about them is they are very passionate about what they do and very interested in the equipment and gadgets that go along with it. Good Luck!
LuigiCappel Premium
Thanks Shannon, I think this is something I should have done long ago but sometimes its in the timing. I think I am a typical guitarists. I have 11 guitars and gadgets for Africa. I've learned a lot over the years and I think if I have fun doing it, others will have fun following it:)
Hi! These are the things that I like talking about.
1. Personal Finance
2. Healthy/plant based food or ingredients
3. Dog care
4. Kitchen Equipment, I love to cook
5. Leather Handbags

I can't decide which one to use as niche. My concern too is that there might be a few online stores in my area that offer affiliate programs.

I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
AHost-Madsen Premium
All of those topics are excellent niches. Remember: whatever one you choose, you will need to create content consistently. As for competition: there is always going to be competition. There are also 3.75 BILLION people online. Don't be overly concerned about competition. Everyone is looking for something online :)
LuigiCappel Premium
There was a comment somewhere about focus on what you know. If it's something you are excited about, that will show in your blogs and your marketing material. That doesn't mean you can't be excited about more than one niche, but start with one imho.