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A domain is your brand and as you establish yourself as a brand or an authority in any niche it is very important that get a domain that represents you and your business as a brand.

In the same way that Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Apple are brands that we have come to know, as your move forward with your business you will be building out yourself as a brand/authority within your given niche.

In this video I am going to be walking you through the process of researching and coming up with your domain name. We are going to be using a free service called NameMesh to help us out with this.

Then we are going to be leveraging SiteDomains to find and purchase the domain name, upon which time it will instantly be ready for us to build out our website on.

To access SiteDomains and purchase your domains, you can head here:

==> SiteDomains - The Ultimate Domain Experience

**Note: After you purchase your domain, you will receive an email from with the title "IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for". You will want to open that email and VERIFY your email address.

If you have any questions about choosing a brand name for your domain name or you need any help with SiteDomains, please leave your comments/questions below.

Also, if you want to run your domain name idea by us and get community feedback for your domain before you purchase it, please leave it below in the comments and we will be happy to give you feedback and advice.

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TammyLM Premium
Hi Kyle,
Can you please share your thoughts on what would be best for marketing my business/ brand?
My business name is "Leap n2u Fitness"; however, my website domain is "" because, at the time, I was under the impression that spelling the words out would be better for indexing and searches.

I am weighing the option of transferring to a new domain name "" for marketing continuity.

Q- Is this something that I really need to worry about?
Q - Is transferring to a new domain (all within WA) easy to do or is it a rabbit hole that I could end up getting lost in for a while?
Q- Is there a tutorial for transferring sites?
CJDodaro Premium
You can't change a domain name. You have to purchase another, and then do redirects for all content that you have (individually). If you already have a lot of content on your site, I would just either leave it alone, or change your site title to reflect your domain name.

TammyLM Premium
Thank you CJ.
Yes, I mistyped. I understand that I would need to purchase a new domain name and then transfer the site to the new domain thus changing the domain name. My physical face to face personal training business and brand is LEAP n2u while my website is leapintoyou. I'm looking for marketing insight as to whether that may be inadvertently impeding my ability to bring in my target market and make sales.
CJDodaro Premium
I doubt it, but I myself, would some how try to reconcile the two. Either change the domain, or the name of the site. Domain names don't have as much impact on sales as your content does. Each page and post rank on it's own merit.

Best of luck.

TammyLM Premium
Thanks CJ!
CJDodaro Premium
Any time.
ReginaO1 Premium
Hi, iam trying to buy a domain name but when I type in my proposed site name at site domain it would not search to determine if the name is available. Secondly, the content of the page that opens up when I click on site domain is not the same as that in the video. Am I doing something wrong? That’s the page in the attachment.
edensbox Premium
When I do the search I am finding that is taken. However, it gave me a list of option names. I am including a picture of those for you. Not sure why it is not coming up for you. You may want to check with Support to see if they can help?
BobBarr Premium
Are you clicking on the search icon (the magnifying glass)?
ReginaO1 Premium
Thanks, your response is very helpful. I guess I would have to contact support.
ReginaO1 Premium
Yes, I am clicking on the magnifying glass but it is not responding. Strange, isn't it that in the video Kyle didn’t have to click on it for the search to begin. Thanks for your quick response.
Stay blessed.
DynamicDavid Premium
Make sure your browser is up to date. If that does not take, use a different browser.

When I do it (by just keying in the same stuff you keyed it as per your image), it starts looking straight away, tells me the dot com version is not available and gives me a list of associated available domains that are available.
Freisia Premium
I already have a site called but I have bought two more being and
I will use agingnthrivingoline as the new site for the Super Affiliate program with Kyle.
Agingnthrivingonline will focus on building an online business using Wealthy Affiliate.
The other agingnthrivingshop will market products for older people.
I hope these will work for building a brand of my own being aging 'n thriving.
eosegueraf Premium
Thank you Kyle. I already have a domain ( and I am at the starting stages of creating the website but as you suggested in a PM I will buy another one to create a bootcamp related website to promote WA. First I will go to to search a brandable name for it. Thanks again for your invaluable and ongoing help.
Best regards from México.
Kyle Premium
Sure, feel free to drop me a PM with any ideas that you may have and I will be more than happy to help you out. :)
Jojofarr Premium
Great information. I learned a lot. What was hard for me though is I am sort of hard of seeing, just found out that I have cataracts on both eyes. So the visual demonstrations are quite small and hard to see, especially for me, even with glasses. Could that part of the demonstration possibly be larger to enhance the learning experience??