Posts are generally some form of product review or article on a topic related to your niche designed to inform, stimulate interest or answer a question.

The blog roll is usually the "home" page, on your menu, because it informs about the niche, the subject of the website. My niche is fishing lures. My posts discuss some issues around fishing.

My latest post discusses "catch and release" fishing because its an important part of fish conservation.

Pages relate to more specific subjects in your niche. Your menu organizes your pages. The pages are designed to inform and stimulate some form of action in your reader. Your menu is the Table of Contents of your website. It should clearly show all the subjects your website covers. This is the menu on my lure site.

Your menu is made up of your pages. Each menu heading is a page. Your can place pages related to menu headings in a drop-down menu under that heading.

When you add a new page, you can choose to have that page stand as a heading in the menu or as a subject page under a heading by going to "quick edit". My new page is "Rods...."

As you select a page, you can choose "edit" or "quick edit". Explore "quick edit" to see what functions you can perform with that choice.

Once on the quick edit page, move to the "parent" tab. If you choose the setting below, your new page becomes a menu heading.

If you open the drop down menu for the parent tab and choose an existing page, your new page will become an item under that page. My page about rods will be under "Gear."

Repeat these steps to add headings to your menu and pages under each menu heading.

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LouisaB Premium
Dr. Great tutorial. Easy to follow directions.
joekeriii Premium
Very easy to follow. Thanks!
TerriD1 Premium
Good Post. Something that we newbies to WA need to learn. Thank you for posting.
DreamAngel Premium
Thanks for the lesson Jim! It will be very helpul!

MommyofNine Premium
Thank you...sure like your down to earth, simplistic way of presenting the information!