Ok so you have found the market you want to promote, you have done your keyword research and found some great keywords, now you need to find a good clickbank product to promote, so where do you start?

Your first stop should be the tools and research tab here at WA and click on clickbank research tool.

This will open a new window, if your just looking at markets you can strat with hot 20 picks, top new products or hot or not by clicking on the run now tap to the right. You may want to check the hot 20 just to see if there are any products in the market you have picked, or you can click on the Launch CB Search. Any of the options will open a new window.

If I clicked on Launch CB Search this window will open.

From here I can put in my keyword I leave all the boxs set to all or any and change the Look in to Title and Body and then click on search. Now if you have used the cb research tool here or at cb you know that your keywords can bring up some off the wall products that have nothing to do with the keyword. The reason this happens is because the search is done on what the vendor has put in his little spill to get affiliates to promote there product, so if they have not used a term related to the market their in you may not find them.

I put in marriage and as you can see some of these things may not be to good for a marriage, but who knows, the thing we want to look at is refund rate, you don't want to put time and energy promoting a product with a 60 or 70 % refund look at Divorce Decision it has a 45.59% refund rate. Next I look at how much I will earn I will not promote anything that pays less than $20.00, also if you look at the listing the Magic Of Making Up is not there even though its one of the top products in getting back together.

So one of the things you may want to try is putting your kewords into google search and see if you can find other CB products that way and go to the sales page and see if they have an affiliate sign-up on the site, if not looking for any keywords that might be listed on the page and do a search here to see if it brings them up.

Next I click on the listing link in this example Save My Marriage Today! and it will open up the information on that vendor, if you read his little spill he does not list marriage anywhere except in his URL, so If he did not have marriage in the url it would not have showed up for this search.

The next thing I do is copy and paste his vendor ID to notepad I need it to do deeper reach for this product. Also if you notice there is no refund rate listed, and the product has been on the market since Nov. of 2006, the product cost $29.95, affiliate earns 70% or $18.75 per sale, but if you look at earn per sale its shows $35.19 the reason for the confilcting numbers is because this product has just been re-launched. If I click on the vendors name it will take me to his sales page, if I click on the green ball at the far right it will open a window where I can put my clickbank nick name and create my affiliate link for that product.

Here is somthing that you need to look at if you notice Magic of Making up has a very low refund rate, so if I look at affiliate earn: I get 75% of the sale or $26.36 per sale, but here is the key dollars I want to look at Earned Per Sale is $24.00 this amount takes in the refund rate so I will earn and average of $24.00 over all my sales of this product. (note: don't worry about small down turns for a product they tend to go up and down)

Now lets look at Divorce Decision, it has a 45.59% refund so here is what that means to the affiliate. the product price is $67.00 and the affiliate earns 50% per sale (note: after CB charges have been paid) which is $30.53 but after the refund rate is figure in I will only earn on average for promoting this product $16.61. this is why you need to research the products that you want to promote.

Ok I will pick 5 or 6 products and then copy and paste the vendor name into notepad I now have my basic research done for the produts and I then move on to stage 2 of the research.

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Very valuable info here for free, thanks for sharing your methods.
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Great info! New to WAU today, blown away with the quality of information. Thanks!