If your title isn't at least meeting me at the point at which I arrived - I'm already lost

Engage me with your headline. I arrive here from somewhere ... that link promise me something,
Are you about to deliver?

It’s no surprise that this comes at he top of the list, when brainstorming the list that was the first to come out. Without engaging content the list stays bare. You mat get a few opt-in to your list if you em[ploy a squeeze page but they will disappear soon enough if you don’t give your reader what they expect.

If thinking of “what to write” is often a stumbling block. Think of you and your reader...
...Why are they on your web-space?
...Where did they arrive from?
...What did you promise to deliver?

If you take the example of Mission0ps, I aim to give a little insight in how to make money online. Recommending tools, training that works and my own quirky and not so main stream attitude. Is all I promise. & hope I deliver!

At times when I'm running up to the hurdle, and suddenly feel like I ain't gonna make it (in terms of creating content) Often Just going back to basics and looking at what you do now can be base of a great article piece…

Let me try to put that into perspective: The article title “For Bloggers Who Can’t Stand Low Subscriptions” came from an old article I wrote on another weblog , but that was just a piece a crap!

Yet this piece I’m using the exact same title to evoke another feeling. I just want to add value .. not flog you “best opt in software in the world” or what ever it was.

Just look over your old work and ask yourself...
...what you would have done differently.
Tasks 0/3 completed
1. Brainstorm THE healine of all headlines..
2. Create content for streetarticles.com with THE headline link back to your blog
3. Craft a blog post that delivers on THE street articles submission

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is there meant to be a link on lesson 2 for the "homework" in regards to looking at an optin box??
mission0ps Premium
Cheers for the heads up .. fixed it
Sherion Premium
Okay. Now I read that article and played around on the site for awhile. It looks like I have to go get more info on RSS (which I don't have) Feedburner (which I don't have) I have no list at all. But, I will check into an auto responder. Also, another member here had posted about MailChimp as terrible. Alpina. I am learning a lot but cannot check off yet. I am confused about RSS and Feedburner. So, onto doing those first.

This is really good thank you so much for this training. Also, I saw the Jaaxy jumping up and down and how the Aweber wound jump out too. Tried to do chat in there and no one was there!

I got to get busy. Thanks again.
mission0ps Premium
Hi thx for your comments, I hear GR8 things about mailchimp so maybe 1 bad experience from Alpina isn't a good basis ;)

The things jumping up and down on my blog are cause by a plugin http://ratedbytony.com/sorethumb-wordpress-plugin-review/

Thx again for the visit and any help needed just shout out ;)
Labman Premium Plus
Lots to learn here and plenty to do. Most of the techniques are familiar to me but I haven't seen all of them in a cohesive format before. Thanks.
(couple of spelling oopsies in there, I leave you to find them)
mission0ps Premium
On no I'll have a mare looking now .. Cheers for the props more coming