Building your online network can be a fun but at times a challenging exercise too. I have found in my experience the more you base your online strategies on how you behave face-to-face or using these values as a base, the more long term and meaningful success you have. Particularly if you end up meeting members of your online network face-to-face along your business journey, which has happened to me countless times. In fact this should continually be your guide. What if I met this new connection face-to-face...

In this tutorial I will be explaining the following:

• What are Face-to-Face (F2F) Values?
• How to apply these F2F Values to building an online network
• The importance of adopting a Disciplined Approach
Know your audience and network and
Be Authentically You at all times

Now I can hear some of you saying… “I am super time poor, who has the time to connect in a ‘meaningful way’ online?” If you’re thinking this…. I challenge you….

If that approach is working for your current online community and you’re likeminded on this then go for it. But… if you’re not achieving what you want then perhaps a different approach is required. Connecting to 5 people in a meaningful way that leads to a long term business association of you both helping each other is far better than connecting with 500 people and no one engaging in what you do. The latter might ‘look good’ on an online profile but how much is that approach serving you to achieve all you want too?

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this tutorial allow me a moment to share a little about myself as to why you would listen to what I have to say on this topic.

I have been a 'networker' all my adult life during my working career both working for others and myself. However it wasn't until about 10 years ago when I began working for myself that I learnt to network effectively. Since this time, one of my businesses, the business marketplace, Out of the Box Biz, one of my members (clients) called me a Master Networker back in 2014 and the title has stuck. I have been actively speaking and teaching business professionals on how to network successfully in business ever since. Therefore this tutorial comes from a decade of networking in business face-to-face and online.

Let’s begin by defining what face-to-face values might be in the next lesson.

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celiacman Premium
Thank You

Very good training we all learned so much and easy to understand

fleurallen Premium
Thanks Jeff, I appreciate you taking the time to read my training and for your feedback. I'm delighted you received value from the training and that it was easy to understand.
MKearns Premium
A great reason why business mic "face time" in a virtual driven world. Very well written Fleur!
fleurallen Premium
Many thanks Michael, thank you for your feedback it is appreciated. Yes I love online networking but I also love being true to all we are in contact with and treating with the respect and consideration we all deserve regardless of it being online or offline conversations
Joy3 Premium
Wow. This is valuable information to me. Sometimes you kind of know these things but understanding them in this context is a special kind of knowing.The explanations are great .I am looking forward to applying all these principles. Thank you !
fleurallen Premium
That is an absolute pleasure Joy. I'm delighted to received value from this training. Do let me know how you go when applying these principles.
ChrisScott Premium
Flower!! This is most excellent!! Thank you so much as (sorry if this sounds arrogant) I have reached a point that few trainers offer me anything.

However, I have found a vast and mighty supply of greatness. Anyone who ever sees another needs this value.

Most excellent.
fleurallen Premium
Thanking you Chris I appreciate your comments and thank you for taking the time to read. I truly love helping and am delighted you received value from this training.
laurenjean Premium
Well done on your first training Fleur! Really enjoyed! You made me think, not only of my online communication but my offline communication too (especially the bit about eye contact and not being distracted by phone while in conversation with someone). Thank you for providing meaningful ways to master networking and some really great ideas on how to apply these skills to our online life.
fleurallen Premium
Thank you so much Lauren for taking the time to read my training and for your lovely feedback. I'm delighted you found value for your online and offline networking.