What is SEO?
SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. It is a method to get a website / blog / articles ranked in search engine(s) within the targeted keyword(s).

What is Keyword(s)?
When people do the search on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN... the word(s) that people type in the search box to do the search is called "Keyword(s)". Determine targeted keyword(s) is really important to get relevant visitors. There
are lot of ways in doing the Keyword(s) research. But here, I assume that you already have your own targeted keywords.

1. Appropriate of Web Codes Structure (HTML/XHTML/etc.). Make sure there are no web codes error and it's valid.

You can validate your web codes at: http://validator.w3.org
For CSS validator: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator

2. URL name of your website / blog / article. It is highly recommended for you to have targeted keyword in your URL. Let see some of examples here:


Your targeted keyword: AION game guide
Your URL: aiongameguide.com / aion-game-guide.com

Your targeted keyword: Premium Wordpress Themes
Your URL: premiumwordpressthemes.com / premium-wordpress-themes.com

These are just some of examples, you can tweak it more if the URL is not available. But make sure that you have the core
targeted keyword inside it. Or even you can tweak it like these:


[subfolder] exclusivegameguide.com/aion-game-guide
[subdomain] aion-game-guide.exclusivegameguide.com

[subfolder] hottestwordpressthemes.com/premium-wordpress-themes
[subdomain] premium-wordpress-themes.hottestwordpressthemes.com

Furthermore, there are still a lot of TLDs (Top Level Domains) available such as:
.net .org .us .mobi .info .biz .tv .bz .pro & more, .com is just not the only TLD available.

3. Title Page of your Website / Blog / Article. Make sure that you have your targeted keywords in your Title Page.

Tips: Ideally with less than 64 characters of Title page as most of Search Engines will only display it less than 64 characters.


Best Aion Game Guide Ever

Here you can see the keyword of "Aion Game Guide" is in the title of the page, overall (Best Aion Game Guide Ever) with less than 64 characters.

4. Avoid of using Frame in your website. Every search engines has their own spiders/robots to crawl website / blog / article. The spiders/robots can't reach to your pages to feed the search engines if you are using frame.

Tips: You can use a program (Text-Only Web Browser) to view what spiders/robots actually reads your pages.


5. No more too many fancy stuff in your website / blog / article content. As in no.4 point up there, this is much likely same. The spiders/robots can't read such as images & flash files. If you are having a fully flash website, the chances for your website to get optimized is too low. However you can have some of those to attract your visitors but don't overload it into your pages.

Tips: Use the "alt" code for all the images inside your pages. Search engine spiders/robots will read it.


Wordpress Theme 1

6. Use H1,H2,H3...tags. "H" does represent for "Header". FYI, the search engines will identify the H1 tag is more important than H2 tag, and H2 tag is more important than H3 tag and so on.

Consider the most important Headline in your page would be the H1 tag, H2 for the next important headline and so on. But please be sure that you have your targeted keyword inside it too.


Learn How to Master AION Game in 7 Days. Get the Best AION Game Guide Ever that we use to Level Up Faster!

7. Use Bold, Italic & Underline wisely in your content. Most of search engines will sees it as an important thing if you bold / italic / underline a word / phrase. You might want to consider to highlight the important targeted keyword(s) inside your content. It will help you to optimize your website / blog / article

8. Search Engines do loves contents, the more contents you have... the more search engines will loves you. However if your website is new, targeting a same topic / niche will do. Don't overload your website with irrelevant contents. Assuming a content with 500 Words, it is recommended for you to have 2-5% of keyword(s) inside it. 9. Get more backlinks to your website / blog / article with relevant quality backlinks. A backlink from another site to your website is like a rating for your website. You will do great in SEO when get more backlinks to your website.

Tips: You can participate in Link Exchange with another website / blog / article who has the same topic inside your website. Or you can write an article and post it to article submission such as squidoo. Make sure that you had at least a link pointed to your website inside your article.

Tips 2: Use your targeted keyword inside the hyperlink when create backlink. Or also known as Anchor Text.


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Hope this helps :)

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Ima Richman Premium
Good important information and more importantly simply explained.
Yeah sure a lot of us know most of that info, but and it is a big but, do we always do it all every time...I think not.
Ken Saint (mesaintly1)
art.yurckk Premium
Thanks, fixed :D
meecha Premium
Thanks, fixed :D
ALEX11 Premium
there is an error: dot n6: ....the search engines will identify the H1 tag is more important than H1 tag, and H2 tag is more important than H3 tag and so on.
Usagi Premium
there is an error: dot n6: ....the search engines will identify the H1 tag is more important than H1 tag, and H2 tag is more important than H3 tag and so on.