Backups are an important task that you should keep in the back of your mind.

You should set a schedule to complete these Backups regularly. Perhaps on the first of the month?

Most programmers experienced with software and data storage recommend that you keep 3 copies of your Backups in various locations. I keep one on my computer in a dedicated directory, I keep another on my external drive and a third is available on a dedicated Thumb drive. This way if I loose the computer hard drive and the Thumb drive is corrupted, I can still retrieve my data.

Backups should be done before any major changes to your site, when installing a new plugin or when upgrading your WordPress installation. If you make a copy BEFORE you make your changes you have a way to go back and undo your changes should anything go wrong.

This process will allow you to back up the content of your site. If you want to reinstall this to another location you will still need to install the WordPress onto the new location first then restore your files from inside WordPress.

Lets Get Started:

Log in to your site. This is done by entering the name of your site followed by /wp-admin.

Enter your user name and password

*Note: You should ALWAYS change the UserName from Admin. This is done for demonstration purposes only

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Shawn Martin Premium
Thank you for the info.
Really nice explanation,In uploading my site i will use import is it correct?Can I still use FTP in uploading instead of dashboard import?do I need to zip or unzipped the files?
thank you Labman.
Labman Premium Plus
If you have exported the files into an XML file as the tutorial explains then you should be able to directly import this file into a new(or the same)Wordpress installation.
Just reverse the process using the Import function.

Keep in mind that this technique will ONLY backup your content. Pictures and other media will NOT be backed up. This includes the Theme and Plugins.

If you need to do a complete installation or are moving your site to another URL, check out my other tutorial on Backing up your site manually.

Or look at Seilke's tutorial on moving your site.
mission0ps Premium
Back in the day Craig aka Welshy went PROPER above and beyond helping me out. This guy deserves Kudos..
welshy Premium
Great add Craig, you had to show them the easy way didn't you. :)

I know you mentioned that you'd still need to install Wordpress, but you should also point out that no plugins/themes or uploads (meaning post images etc) are backed up via this method.
Labman Premium Plus
One of the nice parts of this new training module is that it can be readily edited. I will make sure to make that point.
jpnetco Premium
I followed all that until "move file to your Backup directory" where is that directory?
I would have never thought of using that export tab, thanks for the heads up.
Kyle Premium Plus
This is referring to a directory on your local computer, this can be anything, you just want to store it somewhere safe and somewhere that you will be able to find the back up if you ever need it.
thevaz74 Premium
Thank you Jp for asking that question (had the same one) and thank you Kyle for your answer. And of course, thanks again Craig for creating this tutorial! :)