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Blurred Images and Blurred ScreenShots on Your Website

Are some of your images or screenshots blurred or of a poor quality when you publish a post or page? And yet when you look at the more experienced online marketers their images, especially screenshots are so clear and professional looking.

It is quite a problem as we want our websites to be professional looking in every way. This very short movie should help you solve this problem.

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Trialynn Premium
Thanks so much for that explanation. I was aware of pixels and how too few can blur an image, but i did not realize that WP defaulted to medium. I will make sure it is set to Large!
tabitha86 Premium
Thanks for sharing this helpful information.
jyoder101 Premium
Thanks for the video, it was very helpful.
Karyskis Premium
Good video. Thank you for posting.
Pauric Premium
I had this problem when I was building out my website. I did find the solution accidentally on a different related video. So here is one just for this problem only. I hope it helps you.