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Are You Gambling Or Building An Online Business

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WaynePro Premium
Great information, Sotiris. You're absolutely right. At my age now I am not going to gamble but build my own business. Thanks for raising the question here.

sotiris1 Premium
Very wise Wayne, and even if it is a bit more difficult, it's well worth it in the long run. :-)
j52powell Premium
I am still in the stock market, conservatively, but aside from that I am just relying on the fruits of my own efforts.
sotiris1 Premium
Yes you definitely need more than one income stream on the road to wealth and financial freedom. If you want to be more in control, your own efforts are a good thing to rely on. As you are responsible for the things you do and not what someone else does.
AlenkaV Premium
How right you are! Making someone else's business and building your own are two different things, and often easily overlooked. Especially when one is just starting out (like me!). This is a great point, thank you for making this video.
sotiris1 Premium
Thank you Alenka, often it takes people many years to figure this out. But eventually the universe will guide us in the right direction.
MKearns Premium
All business involves risk and therefore a gamble!
sotiris1 Premium
I agree on that one. Yes all businesses are a gamble and there is always gonna be some risk, but the risk of losing control of your business is out of your hands, when you are following the next big business opportunity. It's in someone else's hands, which makes it more of a gamble than creating your own stuff and selling it.

If you do not take the action, go to the right place to sell, sell the right product it is down to you. And you can fix that anytime. In your business. But you cannot fix the price of bitcoin or someone else's business unless you are George Soros.

Depends I guess what level of gambling you are into. .
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Sotiris,
Thanks for this training!!! I don't feel like I am gambling with a great program!!!

Tried and True

sotiris1 Premium
I wasn't referring to this program Elaine, but as you mention it. The owners of this programme could get offered a few tens of millions to sell. To a company who fires it's affiliates, been there got the t-shirt a few times.

That's why I am setting up my own membership site with my own trainings, as well as this I have a a lot of other things income streams. That way if anything goes wrong with any of them it's down to me.

It drives me crazy when people shout their company name from the rooftops, because at the end of the day you are not the CEO, so it's not your company. YOU NEED TO SHOUT YOUR COMPANY NAME. If you are in any doubt ask any company CEO what they do. Not what they tell you to do (because they want you to promote their company) Unfortunately it's only when businesses or companies shut down. And the tide goes out that you find out who has been swimming with no underwear on.