I'm sure you've seen these in a magazine - the main point of the article (insofar as the magazine is concerned) is highlighted.

How You Can Take This Concept and Do It on Your Pages/Posts

It's easy! You don't use the meta boxes in your website's dashboard to do this! Satisfy both your human readers AND the search engines!

Since we are taking our targeted keyword and putting it in the title and in the first paragraph, why not let that paragraph be the topic sentence(s) of the article? I have been doing this for awhile and it appears to be working.

I'm going to doctor up one of my older pages. This works with posts too!

Note: Unlike magazines, which duplicate these blurbs out of the text and feature them as above, we don't repeat the text - in other words, the blurb (topic sentences) appear only one time in an online article. It doesn't really need to appear twice.

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djlv Premium
Thx for sharing your experience with this Daniel... just trying digest it. Do you use that private page with that code to work on your subheader so you keep track of it's length? ..is that the idea behind using that page?
georama Premium
Really enjoyed.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Daniel.

Nice training - showing people exactly what a keyword is, and how to place it in the title and first paragraph. I think the screenshots will help a lot of people "get it" now.

All the best, Mark
Wayne Wallace Premium
Wow, that was a great set of tips! Thanks!
KD6PAO Premium
Thanks Daniel, makes good sense.
auden Premium
Thanks Daniel, it's a great idea!