Social Media Marketing Model - Creating Marketing Group Communities
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When I first set out in the community on my second go I essentially had been experimenting with creating pretty basic affiliate and small community groups. When I continued to open my mind to the program I then realized what I had been doing the whole time was generating organic traffic. This was purely for fun at the time so I wasn't aware of the applications. But In all honesty intregrating and gearing your social communities to making conversions is a process and a will pay off but going about it is touch and go as to not confuse your members about what the purpose of the group is really about.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
How To Grow A 5k Community Or Affiliate Group
How To Moderate / Admin - Keeping Your Online Representation Clean
Generation Of Large Number Of Organic Traffic
Maintaining Sufficient Content Creation
Cross Posting Between Multiple Facebook Pages For Maximum Coverage
Using Multiple Facebook Pages As Admin
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