Did you ever notice when you visit a website that many of them have their logo displayed on the browser tab? These are also known as Favicons. Having your own icon showing in your readers’ browser is a great way to show your professionalism and credibility in your niche.

Like this example of Amazon’s favicon. The logo appears before the Amazon.com: Online Shopping.

If you’ve created a logo for your website, you too can add your logo next to your website address like the example above.

Step 1:

Go to your WordPress menu and click on Appearance (there may be differences in these steps depending on your theme but they should be very similar)

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TarisaiM Premium
This is so cool. Not quite there yet but I will definitely do it when the time comes.
Thank you
geowanda Premium
I know what you mean. It takes time to do all the little and big details on a niche site. It gets easier but then there is always something to learn. That's what makes it fun.