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Adding, Moving, and Deleting Blocks in WordPress

In this video we’re going to look at the different ways you can add, move, and delete blocks while you’re writing and editing your WordPress posts and pages.

Starting off with a new post or page you’ll want to give it a title and then save it as a draft.

Now just start typing. The default block is the Paragraph. Most of your content will be text so if you don’t stipulate which kind of block you want to use you’ll get a Paragraph block.

Hit the enter key and WordPress will automatically create a new Paragraph block for you to continue writing.

If you want a heading instead of a paragraph just click on the first icon in the toolbar and select one of the options e.g. Heading.

The Toolbar

The toolbar can be floating so that it appears just above the block you’re working on or it can be fixed to the top of the page. Your choice and you can change your mind about this as often as you want. You’ll find the option for this under the three dots top right.

While we’re on the subject, explore the icons top right and top left. You’re not going to break anything and you may discover stuff you’re not expecting.

Adding Blocks

We’ve covered paragraphs and headings so now we’ll look at adding other types of blocks.

Use the “/” forward slash key to get a popup list of block options. Start typing the name of the block you want to filter the list to make it easier to find the block you’re looking for.

/v will help you find all the options for video blocks as well as a few other blocks that may actually be better than the block you had in mind.

You want to add a new block in between existing blocks? No problem. Put your mouse at the end of the paragraph that is above the place you want your image to go and hit the Enter key. This will give you a new block to play with.

You’ll spot a + icon on the right of your new empty block. Go ahead and click on it. You can now search for a block if you know its name or choose Browse all to get the complete list of blocks sorted by types.

You can also access this complete list by using the + icon at the top left of your screen.

Your new block will be added just below the block you were last working on.

Moving Blocks

If a block is not exactly where you want it to be then click into the block and use the second icon in the tool bar to reposition the block.

Want to move more than one block at a time? Click on the first block you want to move then hold down your Shift key and click on the last block you want to move. This will select your group of blocks. Now you can use the up and down arrows to move the entire group. Easy peasy!

Deleting Blocks

Now, last on the list for this lesson, let’s remove a block. Click on the block you want to remove then click on the three dots in the toolbar. At the bottom of the popup you’ll find Remove Block. Job done!

You'll find more of my videos and tutorials on the block editor by typing "marionblack block editor" (without the quotes) into the grey search bar at the top of the page.

And use this link for the full list of 110+ tutorials and videos Training By MarionBlack

As always I'm here to help you,

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PeterN1843 Premium
Hi Marion, I've been using the block editor. I think I'm getting better with it. Your training is so helpful! It takes a little getting used to. I noticed I can't change the font with it though.

I'm looking to see if you have a tutorial on how to save blocks as templates and reuse them in other posts. I defined a custom color to the button.
I want to know how to save a button so I can use it again.

Thank you Marion.

MarionBlack Premium
I haven't quite figured out how to reuse buttons in the block editor, Peter. I use the MaxButtons plugin.
MarkusSA Premium
Hey Marion, it's been sometime but an awesome training non the less. Especially for those of us who are still "block challenged". :)

MarionBlack Premium
Do we have any "blockheads" here? Ooo that must be me!
lesabre Premium
Thank you for the lesson Marion.

MarionBlack Premium
Always a pleasure, Michael.
ELaNere1 Premium
Thanks Marion...I always learn so much from you.
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you, Eve.
Loes Premium
Hi Marion, it's good to see you here again:) Professional training as always!
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you, my sweet friend. Always good to see you even though it's rare these days.
Loes Premium
Good friends do not count in days:) They are always glad to see each other anytime