I created this training to show you how to create a new e-mail address for your company/brand domain and then setup it up on your Android/iOS device to easily access it. This way you don't have to log into your WA account via your browser just to check your e-mails. The first thing you will need is a domain of course whether it's a .com or a .xyz. I'm assuming you already have a domain if not you can purchase a domain name from WA via SiteRubix/SiteDomains.

Now let's begin adding our domain name so that we can create a new e-mail address for it. We are going to start by clicking on the SiteRubix/SiteDomains button on the left hand side of our screen.

From this screen you can Buy a Domain, Transfer your Domain over to WA or Add your Domain. Which is what we want to do. Scroll down to where it says Other Domains and you will see a box that says Add your domain name here. Enter your domain name and click Add Domain.

Your domain will now appear under Other Domains, Domain Name on a list as Ready and usually after 24 hours it turns to Live. This is also where you get your FTP Access information in case you need FTP Access to your site.

Now let's create that e-mail address for your domain.

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imelda77 Premium
Thank you so much,
Greatly appreciated
All the best
raghu123 Premium

Thank you for the lesson. Very useful info to me. This was a long secret to me

It's become easy now to create an email to my own domain (http://earnmoneyonlinework.com) and linking into my mobile app!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

zoeccess Premium
Thank you! This is help me how to do it! I got in now!
gifted76 Premium
Your welcome I'm glad it helps