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7 Old School Ways To Get Traffic that Work

These are all super quick and fairly easy. In fact, there's not a tactic here that will take more than an hour, and some can be done in just a few minutes. Some can get you traffic pretty quickly and others take time.

My suggestion: Do one a day every day until you've done all the ones that interest you. Some you will continue to do daily, such as using Twitter, but of course, you can also use automation to lighten the workload a bit...

Do product reviews

For driving traffic? You bet. Product reviews are easy to get ranked, especially if you do them in video. Here’s the trick: don’t make it like every other product review out there.

Instead, be real. Use your personality. Have fun with it. And ask the reader/viewer to subscribe to get more product reviews.

One more thing: tell the truth about what you think of the product. I once landed on a product review that said, quite frankly, the product wasn’t worth the money.

I didn’t buy that product, but I subscribed to the author’s list and have since purchased several hundred dollars of products from him because he earned my trust.

Create keyword list

Then use it to write your articles and blog posts. It’s fine to write about whatever you want, but it’s even better to write about what people are actually searching for.

By using a keyword list, you not only get new ideas, you are also better turned into the market and what might get your articles ranked on Google.

Once you write a new article, promote it on social media.

Find questions on forums and answer them in articles

If someone is asking on a forum, there’s a good chance others are asking the same question. Go ahead and write an article, post it, then post your article link on the forum ‘for more information’ after you answer.

Blogger.comis a high authority site,

owned by Google. When you join, find the about me’ section and add your website URL along with your keywords in the anchor text which will contribute to better SEO for your primary website.

Do the same with other popular sites online that allow you to create your own profile and backlink to your website.

Register with forums in your niche.

Fill out the details on your profile, including your name and website. If the forum allows it, add your website or blog to your signature. Make several useful posts in each forum.

What you’re shooting for here is quality backlinks, but if you find you enjoy posting to forums, keep at it. Your posts can drive traffic back to your site for years to come.

Join Twitter

Use Twitter. Seriously. Make several tweets, find people to follow in your niche, and each time you write an article, tweet about it.

It’s amazing to me how many marketers still aren’t fully utilising Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Setup and account at

This is another high authority site which can help with your rankings. Plus the content you post here can also rank high for your keywords. Remember to update your account with new content from time to time. And be sure to include a bio of what you do along with your URL.

All of these are pretty simple and can help to drive traffic to your website. So next time you’ve got a few extra minutes, pick one and get busy.

It will be time well invested.

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