In this "Simple Business Execution Plan" training series", you'll find that almost all of the most popular websites in your niche, as you'll see further in this training, are vital for the growth of your own website.

Before I continue, I strongly advise you read the previous lesson, if you haven't done so. It's titled "Audience Research: The 5 Stages of Audience Awareness".

7 Simple Things You Need to Know Regarding Your Niche

  • Who your competition is.
  • Who the authorities in your niche are.
  • Who you can network with.
  • Where to get traffic from (guest posting, blog comments, content marketing etc).
  • Where to get inspiration from (for content, marketing and products etc).
  • Which content is popular to emulate / improve on.
  • How to “reverse engineer” your successful competition.

Why You Should Find The Popular Blogs In Your Niche

So you can know where your target audience hang out, what they like, who they follow, the content they read, what they buy, and the traffic sources you can tap into.

You can't go this alone. You'll need to tap into existing audiences and networks if you want to grow online.

And here's 4 different ways to do it...

1. With A Simple Google Search
2. Using (free version)
3. Using BuzzSumo (free version)
4. Using

Here's what to do first...

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EOPolini Premium
Good stuff Lawal, thanks!
LawalAremu Premium
Thank you.
JagR Premium
This is really useful information. I will do some research to implement this immediately.

I did reach out to Zac Johnson when I started my website back in October and he was really kind to reply back. Not only that but he also shared my post on his twitter account which was focused around his reply.

Thank you for the reminder to do this,

LawalAremu Premium
You're welcome Jagi.
Hudson Premium
Great training with a simple approach which can produce great dividends, thanks.
LawalAremu Premium
Thank you for reading Hudson. I appreciate it.
GlenPalo Premium
Excellent advice and training on a topic that is mostly ignored except successful people.
LawalAremu Premium
Thank you Glen.
Great lesson for researching competition. I love it.