In order to start making money online, it is important to create a niche website. What is a niche website? A niche website is a site that focuses on a specific topic or product. It can also be defined as a keyword term. When creating a website you want to be sure that the niche is very focused. Read these 4 Steps To Finding Your Niche to help you better figure out what niche you want to choose if you are having difficulty. When choosing a niche, you want to choose a topic you are passionate about. You do not need to know a whole lot of information about the topic, you can always do research on the topic just be sure you are putting the content into your own words. Never copy exact words!

If you do not choose a niche you have interest in then you may not have enough desire to work hard at creating your website. I love helping people and I love the idea of earning money online so I created a site about earning money online and I narrowed it down to "making money online for Christians". My reason for this is because I am a Christian and wanted to make money legally online and I am positive many other Christians have trouble finding ways to make money online that are honest. Anybody that comes to my site can get the information, not just Christians but, I wanted to be very specific on my website and also I love God's Word and wanted to put bible verses on my website as well because it motivates me and others.

What are you passionate about? What do you like to do? Do you enjoy helping others as well? If you enjoy helping others then you shall be able to create a great website too. There is no wrong niche, there are thousands of niches that you can use. Always remember that when people are online they are constantly searching for information. You create a website full of valuable information that people are looking for then you will do great. Below I have narrowed it down more to4 Steps To Finding Your Niche:

  1. Passion niche business: Maybe you would like to develop a business around a hobby, issue, passion or industry. Start looking at your own personal interests, hobbies, expertise, a "calling" for you, a message you feel you need to share, a business area where you have special expertise or maybe you have an important cause to promote.
  2. People niche business: What type of people do you spend your time with? If you build your own lifestyle business serving them you will get even more time together, start looking at your own background, education, family history or hobbies to figure out the people that you would like to work with more. Just about any interest that you share with other people can be the basis of your business audience online. Who are the people you would like to help?
  3. Problem niche business: Look at the needs, inconveniences, and problems you see in your own life. Wherever there's a problem, there is a need for solutions that your online business may be able to make money solving. You can start by identifying customer problems, then you would start providing the solutions. Is there a way you can help people make life easier?
  4. Product niche business: Think about your own business or life to find a product that deserves a wider audience. You might be inspired to create your own product. Perhaps you have products or services or information available already that you can market.

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I realized now after reading Nicole blog that I need two blogs one for People niche business and one for Product niche business. Thanks Nicole for showing me the way I am now very warm and ready for action. Theuns
Deb425 Premium
Hi TheunsN - you are at an advantage with a busy sport FB page! You are right thinking you need to build your blog tailored to that niche. If you have the products already, again, you are ahead of the game. Since you already have a sports niche, start with the green "Get Started Here" and work your way through the course. It will teach you step-by-step how to build your blog and incorporate that blog into FB and other social networks.
I have a Facebook page and it is very busy. I always comment on all the post I receive and then I also comment on the Facebook pages of people inviting me to check out. It is mostly about our sport rugby that we love with a passion. We also have a Followers group. What I want to know is, can this be used to my advantage and make money on it? I also have a On-Line -Business at Facebook. I don't use it at the moment as I do not know how to get the items/products on this page. I have a few links that I want to introduce on these pages that will bring in money for me . But how do I do it ? I will be very glad if someone reading this problem of mine can assist me in these matters. Thanks Theuns
JVanDerLaan Premium
Hi Theuns,
If your niche is going to be rugby, then you could use your Facebook page and group to drive traffic to your website.

As far as adding links, you can simply copy and paste the link into your post.

Hope this helps,

AbhayD Premium
Very Nice and crisp
Navabe Premium
Well explained. Thanks for such clarity! Can't wait for your next blog ... am now following you.
Thischick Premium
Oh Nicole...I wanted to find my niche in only 2 steps so you ruined it for me. Just kidding...very nice post. Bookmarked and Google Plus for you :)
Nicole14 Premium
lol, you're funny. Glad you enjoyed my post :)