25 Points before you hit the publish button

1. The URL:

Have you used your keyword (phrase) into your URL? What's more? is the URL correct?
You can transform it when the post is in draft.
Once the post is published you can't change it anymore.

2. H1-H6 headings:

H1 is for the title.
H2 is to use only once for your keyword.
H3-H6 For all other subheadings. Don't use them all. Choose one for all your posts.
It's recommended by Kyle in the training to use the H3 subheading only.

Visitors are screening your webpage. Are your subheadings appealing? They also
need to relate to the next paragraph beneath your subtitle.

3.Title and subtitles:

Awesome eye-catching title:

Try to wrap your keyword phase into an eye-catching title for your post.
There are multiple title generators available, here are a few.

The length of the title is the best between the 40 and 70 characters.

4. Writing content:

Appearance of your keywords in the content. Keep your content relevant and use your keywords wisely.
Attempt to fit them in naturally. Try not to constrain the subject.
Is your content written as though you where conversing with a companion?
Try to fit in something personal, an anekdote or experience.
And try to write in fluently English, use for that matter https://www.grammarly.com/
When you don't know what to write about, try this: https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator

5. Keywords: Give Google something to chew on:

Utilize your keywords in various way. Google will perceive this when crawling your post.

With this paraphrase tool you can find amazingly new synonyms. https://paraphrasing-tool.com/
Your keyword phrase: Make an excel sheet for your used keyword phrases. Never use a keyword phrase twice.
Use for every post a new keyword phrase, is your keyword phrase unique?

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Mark903 Premium
Thanks Loes for great information - I've already noticed I've missed off some things on your list already.

I will definitely bookmark and use on every post.

Thanks again
Loes Premium
You can copy and print the page, with the reminders
Memorylaneuk Premium
Great training Loes. I don’t usually use tags as I’m sure I heard Jay say he doesn’t in one of his videos so I stopped.
I may well return to them again.
With Grace and Gratitude
Loes Premium
I know there are some disagrees on tags and descriptions, follow your heart:))
Steven-A Premium
you've been busy.... now if you can teach me to write headlines maybe I'll get somewhere.

Every beginner should bookmark this training!
Loes Premium
This training has been liked by 649 before today, I revamped it.
Look what the newspapers are using on their front pages to make them sell
Steven-A Premium
sneaky but smart and effective
Steven-A Premium
newspaper? what's that? lol
Loes Premium
Effective for sure:))
Steven-A Premium
sorry, I didn't have WA email since Saturday getting a little carried aware
Loes Premium
WA has some glitches since the new UX
Steven-A Premium
This happened twice before. The say somehow an email gets marked as spam by a recipient and it's sent back to WA which flags the email account and shuts it down. it makes no sense.
Loes Premium
Too much in an hour from the same sender, open an emailaccount on Gmail, solely for WA mails, and it's solved
Steven-A Premium
that's not a bad idea
Fleeky Premium
Well said Loes

Just one side note
do not write for google but for your audience...
since most of the readers come from social media.

It is a new irreversible trend.
JerryMcCoy Premium
I do all those things every time. I just never realized there were so many checkoffs. Great Post as always Loes.
Loes Premium
I revamped this training, it completed all levels, no fun gaining in that anymore;))