Adding an icon in WordPress is easy with the plugin called Menu Icons.
First, install and activate this plugin, then you are ready to add the icons.

Adding Icon
Create a new menu throughAppearance > Menus.
Don’t forget: assign the menu location, otherwise it will not show up anywhere in the website.
Then you add an icon for each menu item.
To begin, let’s expand one of the menu items.
You will find alink "Icon": Select icon.
Click on the “Select icon” to start the selection.
Here you will be finding awindow similar to the media library.

At the time of this writing (January 2016),this plugin has 3 font icon libraries:
Dashicons, Genericons, and FontAwesome.

It is better to only use 1 of them.
Reason: They all have their specific traits like size and curve for example and it is better to just use 1 kind of an icon on your site.

If you use FontAwesome, use it on your complete website. It will give your site a more professional look.
When you select the icon, you will see the preview on the right panel.
In the right panel you can make some adjustments.

You canplace the icon before or after the menu, control the font size, and set the vertical alignment.
When the setting is done, clickon the Select, and proceed to add an icon for the other items in the menu.

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PIOFJR Premium
Do you have all of these plugins installed Bert? I will give it a go, I am curious how will it improves my site. Thanks. Pio
AngelsBird Premium
No Pio and I would not recommend this...
I have tested most of them, but immediatly uninstalled again.
Probably I will use the plugin to install multiple plugins and maybe some other, but only when I need them...

AriefWibowo Premium
This is great. I will look into some of the plugin
AngelsBird Premium
Maxiam59 Premium
I really enjoyed learning about these plugins and plan on using some of them all the best
AngelsBird Premium
Great, I am happy to hear that! :-)
XinZhang Premium
Really good tips. The side by side picture tip will be useful for something I had in mind. Thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked this!
AngelsBird Premium
Glad you like it Xin!
ENyaga Premium
I will give it a try. I do love colour so much. Today even most corporate colours have been transformed with colour. Look at the one of Total S. A. company for instance. A real burst of colour.
AngelsBird Premium
Let's color up life! ;-)