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December 01, 2019
Hi there WA family! I have been so busy that I completely blew off blogging about this badge. I was so excited when I finished level 4, I just kept on truckin. I'm almost finished with level 5 now.I have since earned a little more commission and got my first WA referral! That referral already went Premium! Yay! I can see more and more good things coming my way. Patience and hard work is necessary. Even though I have had days that I wanted to give up. I remember, patience and hard work DO pay of
August 28, 2019
Whew! Another one under the belt! I've had good days and bad days, mostly good. I let myself get a little behind on my writing because I'm struggling with traffic and let me tell you... that just made me lose my motivation and I won't allow that again. I have faith and I know that everything will happen the way that it is supposed to, when it's supposed to. The best feeling for me is pounding out good content on a regular basis, it just feels good and keeps me moving and excited to see what's n
August 01, 2019
Look at my Rank! I had to share! I am so excited and thankful for WA! I have been working really hard and sometimes I get a little frustrated, but things like this remind me that my hard work WILL pay off.I also made my first sale! I sold two books! It may be crumbs right now, but I know that one day it will be much more and that keeps me motivated!I want to thank all of you that help me when I need it, it really does mean the world to me. Thank you!I hope all of you are moving right along and
July 23, 2019
Just a quick share, I earned my second certification badge and I have to thank all of you for getting me this far with all of your support and encouragement! I have been at WA for one month and I have worked hard but I plan to work even harder now that I am even more motivated than ever! I wish you all the very best!
July 22, 2019
Hey WA family! Hopefully everyone is having a good time and rolling toward their goals. I wanted to drop in and share my accomplishments thus far.I am finishing up Level two and I could not be more excited! My network is getting bigger and my rank is improving. My Niche is Books by James Patterson. I am a huge fan and an avid reader so I am really happy that I get to share my passion with the world, as well as help people find a good book for themselves and their children. Thanks to all of you
June 28, 2019
My website ( was indexed by google!!!! My content has been found!!!! I am just ecsatic about this. I know it is very early in my progress and might not seem like much to most, but it sure does motivate me. I can't wait to move forward. I actually have some anxiety because I am so darn excited to see whats next. Thank you all for your support and excellent training! Wishing you all the very best!
I did it! I finished my first level! I am really loving the challenge.Sometimes my days are interupted by other things but I am so excited about this journey that I end up working through half of the night. LOL All of the training thus far is so well put together and it is a great feeling knowing that I have all the support I could ever need anytime that I need it. Thank you all! Moving on to #2. I am so excited to see what is next. Thank you so much Wealthy Affiliate
June 17, 2019
I did it! I went Premium and I couldn’t possibly be more motivated 🤗 I look forward to all of the training and I am especially greatful for all of the assistance thus far and in the future! Good luck to All!
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