Do you recommend a static page?

Do you recommend a static page?

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Website Development & Programming

So I've had a static page from the very beginning when I created my website.

I have noticed from Google Analytics that when I first shared my website, many people land on

Hi Teresa...I'm reorganizing my site and am probably going to switch to a static homepage. I think it depends on what we want to accomplish when visitors arrive. I know that our official WA trainer Jay (magistudios) has mentioned in his trainings that he prefers a static homepage for one (or more) of his sites so he can better inform his visitors about who he is and what he does. Once they arrive, we can use links or pop-ups to guide visitors where we want them to go next.

So the question is what will work best for your target audience and what you want to accomplish when they arrive on your site? :)

Hi Colleen,

Thank you so much! From reading all the comments I've received here, I'm starting to get some ideas from each of you. It looks like I'll be keeping my static page for the time being and I will start to brush it up and see how it works!


Tweak as needed and see how it works for you. We learn a lot as we try things and move forward. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thanks, you too Colleen!

When it comes to deciding on whether to use a static homepage or not, it does not entail following other people's decision but figuring out what's good for your business. Read the resource below.

Thank you so much! This will help me better my static page! I guess I'll keep it for now, lol!

Think about why and where someone land on your static page. Did someone just type your domain url or did they search for your website on the browser. What is their intention?

If you can figure that out, then you adjust your static page to get people to take action on something. Make it look "sexy" for those people who've landed on that page.

I would say that the home page "static page" is meant for you to showcase what your website is all about and how you can benefit the people who've landed on your page. It should also build trust and credibility with your visitors, and most importantly, get people to take action (like subscribe to your email list), so that you can take someone through a "customer journey".

Hope this answer your question. :)

Woo, thank you Jack! I think I just got some ideas to spice up my static page if I do decide to keep it! LOL!

Awesome! Glad I could help :)

I don't use a static home page. I don't really have a reason but I like that the posts and the look change just a little bit with the visual nature of showing latest posts for returning users. I guess I get the feeling like the website itself is not stale.

In the theme I use the static home page actually does update as new posts are posted. There are widgets that update based on category assigned. It's actually pretty neat how it all works. Of course it varies from theme to theme.

Oh wow, good to know. I'll have to look into that. Thank you

Any time...each theme is different but I've found, if you play around with them, they're pretty powerful in what they can do.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too that's why I'm debating if I should keep the static page. Decisions decisions decisions...

Ooh, I guess I'll browse the themes =)

Do you know if changing themes wil need up analytics and Amazon tracking?

What do you mean?

I too use a static page on one of my websites. Instead of worrying about people then going to your posts, why not just put a link from your static page to your blog roll page. I haven't done this but it's an idea I am going to consider once I experiment with it!

Hi Helen!

I have a link to my blog page on the static page (by clicking on a photo). I guess I should look around and see what I can add to my homepage to make it attractive enough to get viewers to click into the blog page. Grr...

And I am sure you will do this very well!

Thank you Helen!

I use static on both my sites and I love it. That said, did you setup the static pages? Many themes will have a template to use. You create a blank page, apply the template and then customize the he** out of it. That's what I did on my 2 sites. Some people will also create a regular page and use that as their static page.

I did setup a static page, just one as my homepage. I'm trying to think of ways to make it look more attractive so that people will actually click into the blog.

I love that I can have a static homepage but when I share my website directly to the static page, many people don't actually click onto the pages on my website and leave. LOL

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Why is google analytics unavailable through wordpress?

Why is google analytics unavailable through wordpress?

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Everything Wordpress

I've noticed for the past couple weeks now but the Google Analytics Dashboard shows "This report is unavailable (7)".

What does that mean and why doesn't it show? Everyth

You can try the jaxxy platform for the platform and see how it works.

I'll check it out, thanks!

I use Analytify the plugin and this shows up Google Anlaytics very nicely, if that helps

I'll check that out, thanks!

I cannot answer your question, but if you have Jaaxy you can check your ranking and other analytics.

Do I need to upgrade from lite to do that? Sorry, newbie here lol!

No Teresa, I believe you get 30 webite scans with the starter package.

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Sitecomments won't submit my comment?

Sitecomments won't submit my comment?

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Getting Started

I tried writing a comment on SiteComments two times today. Every time I hit the submit button, it just brings me back to the top of the page and doesn't submit my comment. This

I have submitted 7 today, and have not had any trouble, although I did have to submit one twice as it didn't work the first time.
Hope you manage to sort it out :)

I didn't, I just gave up. I'll try again on another browser... hopefully that was the issue =)

I hope so Teresa :)

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Is there such thing as too many words?

Is there such thing as too many words?

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Authoring & Writing Content

So I was just browsing some websites from fellow WA-ers and noticed that their blogs are informative and not too lengthy which is what many readers would like I assume?


I have some post below 1000 words, but also up and above 6000 or even 8000 words it just depends

Ok, I feel better about it then haha! Thanks!

That would all depend on your post, does it require this many words to help people with what the posts are about; or are you
just continually rambling on and on to get to that many words.
If the post is engaging and interesting yes people will sit and read for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, however long it would take to get to the end.
Should you shorten them or make them into two posts, this would
be your very own choice dependent on if it would make more sense to the people reading them.
Remember this is YOUR website and your business so these are things that would make sense for you to figure out but input does always help. :)
Marley2016 :)

Nope, not rambling on to get the word count. It's all relevant but I just feel like I might be getting carried away writing too much for readers haha!

Remember when you first started look how far you have come
in just a short amount of time :) This is wonderful to hear
keep up the good work girl very proud of you :)

Thank you! LOL! I'm slooowly getting there, can't get myself that motivated to write actually. It's either that or I've got too much happening outside of WA and it's taking a toll on me. By the time I get home, I'm beyond exhausted and just wanna relax instead of sitting in front of my computer writing =(

Try to set your self a schedule which is very hard to do when
you have a full-time job outside WA! You do not need to write
constantly every time you sit down to do content. You do the
research one day, do the outline the next day, write the third
day, edit and insert your images and affiliate links the fourth
day, publish the fifth day. You are not in a marathon and things
will keep getting easier as time goes by PROMISE!
I would dread sitting down to write content; now I start with what
to write about (sometimes daunting LOL) then do a keyword
search, outline, and next thing I know I have a post of 800 words
to 1000 words finished and ready to publish and add the images
so you see things get easier they really do :)

That sounds like a good schedule that I could try. I mean, I know what to write it's just.. I'm constantly getting pulled out of writing so I end up writing a bit here and a bit there. 1 week later, the post is still not completed! Goodness...

But I'll give your schedule a try! =D Hope it helps, lol!

Honey find one that works for you, mine works for me and I adjust as needed. You will find one that will work for you but write it down and try to follow it. Try to get to Vicki's new training: I did it and believe me it has helped me very much in just a day LOL not seriously hard just doing it makes sense.

Marley :)

Thanks, haha! I find that writing posts aren't as hard as it was when I wrote my first post. It's more so finding the time or sacrificing time LOL!

I have re-read 400-page novels until the cover falls off. Enhancing, Entrancing content is key!

Wow, haha! Perfect, thanks! I'll keep writing away then =)

You could if you feel like it and that is an amazing word count. Goes to show your natural author really

I don't know, I started having second thoughts after browsing a few websites lol! Makes me wonder if people would actually read from start to finish even with images throughout the post

Long Form content gets indexed faster. Lest you feel it, its algorithmically designed as such. I write at length too .. infact I am facing a brick wall of how to go about writing about every single product on the tooth whitening niche. Im a dentist by education and it should be so easy right?
wrong...its so easy to get swayed and lost in context, where we revisit it again we are critical of it, to an extent like a third party or visitor would be reading our content.

There's no denying how much long form content is a winner so stick with it. Ofcourse your discretion to compartmentalize each product or review on genre or category as now I think that's the way I ought to proceed too.

If anything it shows passion at such length. I commend your passion then.

Okie dokie! I feel better about writing long content then! Thanks! =)

It’s a virtue not a vice or precaution . It’s definitely a plus ;)

Noted! =) I can get back to being excited writing..... kinda.... LOL!

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How do you add posts to a page?

How do you add posts to a page?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I see that whenever I'm creating a "post" on my niche website, it automatically gets published to my default homepage.

Is it possible to publish the post to a specific

You need a menu set up so you can put your home page as a static page thereby keeping it all by itself. You then add your other posts as a blog and can keep them separate or as a running post.
Hope this answers your question.

Hey Marley! Hmm... is this part of the training on WA? LOL!

Ok, in all seriousness though... say I create the static page (not sure exactly what that is yet), do I still write and publish my posts off WA and move things around in WP?

Yes, creating page & post relationships happens in WordPress.

A static page is one where nothing gets on there automatically and you create it from scratch. On the other hand, posts are added autimatically to the page you set as the “blog” page.

Yes you do the "static page" or home page you can select when you set your welcome page it is on the left further down the options when you bring up the menu. Any questions let me know.
And yes you still create post on either Site Content or in Word Press and publish them to your site and can keep them continuous or separate with the menu on the site.

Ok, I think I get it now lol! time to make this static page and try things out. Thank you Vickie!

Oh dear, ok! Let me try and see how it goes. Will give you a shout when I'm stuck haha! I'm sure you'll be in the live chat ;) LOL

You’re very welcome :)

Hi, It sounds like you need to set up categories and a menu. If you don't have them they will default to your home page.

Once you have set up categories you can check the box at the side of the post (showing the categories) and that's where your post will be placed.

If you haven't set up categories go into the dashboard left hand side click categories and create some - such as products, blog, etc, once you have those they will show up on the right of your post. Hope that helps :)

Hi Andrea, that's done in WP though right? Do I still write and publish posts off WA and just move things around in WP?

Hi Teresa,

Check out this training. It shows you how to change your home page to a static page and make another for your blog. Hope it helps.

Will I be able to choose that where to publish my post when I'm writing it on WA or do I have to publish it as a post and then move things around on WP?

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you want related posts to show up together, then set up categories and assign each post to the appropriate category on the edit page when you’re writing it.

You can then add that category as a menu on a page or pages where you’re talking about that category. And/or add the category menu to the side menu of each of the related posts.

It’s still a good idea to set up a general blog page, where all your posts will show up in chronological order.

Plug-in is called Post type switcher

Thanks! I'll look into this plugin =)

Yes, you can install a plug in that will change your post to page or page to post. Only takes 2 minutes to install.

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