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March 10, 2021
Hi everybody,Just be aware that the duplicate content checker on the Writing Platform is not working as of this writing. The issue has been brought up to the Support Team. I personally use Copyscape for the moment til they get it fixed.ThanksTom
Today I have finally, after about a month started the Training. Want to thank Kyle for having us fill out the money goals and how much time are we willing to spend on them. That has brought a lot of focus and vision as to what do I really want and how am I going to get there.My day job is very flexible as I am the one choosing the hours so I decided to work 6 days a week and do 30 hours which will cover the bills and take Sundays off.Another 40 hours a week with Family and 24 hours at building
November 29, 2018
Premium membership shows that you are very serious about your Internet Business and that you have GOALS to achieve. Internet Marketing has been my passion since 2005 when I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate. I remember by 2007 the Platform was overwelmingly full of information on different Internet Marketing topics and it was also hard to navigate. 11 years later...I want to say WOW. Kyle and Carson and the entire team at the Wealthy have truly become the worlds #1 Internet