What Is Google Plus For?

Last Update: September 13, 2017

Some have said that Google Plus is dead and that it should be put into the Google Graveyard. So what is Google Plus for if people are ready to shelve it?

How To Use Google Plus Effectively For SEO

Google Plus has quite a few features that allow you to connect with any one, any company, and any group. This is done through Circles, Stream, and Hangouts.

Google Circles

This just a simple way of organizing your connections in categories. For instance you may have a Circle of Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Companies Names, and the list goes on.

Google Stream

Basically this feature is connected to media you want to share like, videos, links, images and maps.

This is an example of my post in the Stream and how it has become popular in just 2 days!

Notice how there are 11 - +1s - this means that 11 people have liked it and 2 people have shared it.

Stream can be accessed by clicking on the Home Icon on the Google Plus platform.

Google Hangouts... or Google Allo & Duo

Would you like to have a video conference with not more than 10 people? Well Google Hangouts is the way to do it. You can perform a Video Chat and interact with each other to your heart's content....

Ah! But wait....! Hasn't Google Hangouts ceased to exist?

Glad you asked that! Apparently Google Allo and Duo will replace Hangouts. So you can utilize them in place of Google Hangouts.

But How Do I Use Google Plus For SEO?

Happy you asked that.

As Kyle has explained in his training regarding Google Plus, the way to accelerate rankings in Google is to post your blogs you create on your websites on Google Plus.

I was a bit weary of this as I had searched on how Google Plus is faring and most people believe Google Plus is a useless tool. On the contrary, I believe Google Plus is the best Social Media Platform to drive traffic to your website.

After allaying my fears of a useless social media platform, I decided to try is out. Here is the result!

This result - the last two searches shown above - started me thinking about the great effect Google plus has on our SEO Rankings.

However, my excitement was shortlived when I researched further for info to include in this blog and someone's comment on another article in another website suggested the search be done incognito. I did this and was sorely disappointed.


These results prove to me that something is happening within Google Searches regarding my Google Plus posts, so I will continue to use Google Plus.

If you don't have Google Plus, head on over to Google Plus, login into your GMail account and create your Google Plus profile today to help you rank higher in Google Pages!

Your thoughts and comments as always are appreciated.

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Defiant6 Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this! I always share my latest posts on Google Plus, but after reading this, I realized I'm not using the full potential of Google Plus especially with Stream and I need to use Hangouts or Allo and Duo as it will be known.
GinaMor1 Premium
I do use Google + as I've discovered it's a great site for looking up specialised forums and to share my posts...although traffic is light on for me I'll keep soldiering on!
Thanks for sharing
cheers Gina
PatrickM1 Premium
I've been posting on G+ for a while now. I can't confirm that it is helping send traffic to my site, but it makes sense to do so. Thanks for sharing.
VeronicasLuv Premium
I have to admit that I have not been using Google + effectively. I'll have to add your post to my favorites. Thanks, Edu!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Edu. I'm not really sure whether Google Plus is working for me or not. I get a lot of plus 1's and reciprocate when I get time... but I don't really know the difference between plus 1'ing and sharing. ;)
MKearns Premium
I like the more than plain vanilla flavor of Google + as compared to Google. So many great functions starting with SEO!
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks for stopping by to comment - much appreciated!
MKearns Premium
Haven't seen you post often Edu. You are a long time favorite to me!
TopAchiever Premium
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

After the death of a friend of mine, which I blogged about here on WA - a horrific head-on motorcycle accident claimed his life, it was hard for me to focus and continue with life as normal.

It has taken that long to get back into WA and make it my number 1 priority.

I so enjoy creating the training and interacting with others, it is an integral part of who I am.

So your encouraging words go a long way!

Thank you kindly!

MKearns Premium
thank you Edu!
DaveSw Premium
Yeah, I missed you too M8!

Glad to see you back here...Life does get in the way sometimes...

This was a very useful post BTW.

I think of Google + as an authority site (because it is owned by them), as is YouTube and Blogger dot com...

I use all three...

Just as Quora, Medium, Amazon and even Reddit can be - all high authority sites one can tap into...

Google has other neat little tools too that can help for SEO/profits...

For instance, you can start a Merchants Account and they will actually help you pull in targeted traffic to the products you are selling (I have not done this yet, too busy)!

I think they are feeling the heat from Facebook ads maybe?

Getting back to what I started with, good to see your post today Edu!

Dave : )