How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners, Seniors, And My 80 Year Old Pensioner Father!

Last Update: May 12, 2019

Best Challenge Ever For 80 Year Old Pensioner To Become Affiliate Marketer!

Have you ever tried to start learning affiliate marketing for beginners when you have lived a full life and are 80 years of age?

I didn't think so, although there may be a handful of people out there with the tenacity and determination of my father who are taking up the challenge and running with it!


So how on earth is he able to do all this and take it in?

Well, I convinced him to sign up with WA after a loooooonnnnnggg time of persuasion in November / December last year with the Black Friday Special and so he did!

He is now my number 1 referral focus right now and so I helped him understand the concepts of Finding A Niche Related To His Passion, Google Search, Jaaxy Keywords, Structuring Website Correctly, Writing Long Pages Of Content and persevering when Providing Comments were rejected.


My father has had many jobs in his lifetime and quite impressive I might add, there are no affiliation links so you can read about them in his About Page Here. The one I believe he would have the most to share about is carpentry woodwork. He is a qualified carpenter and loves to work with wood and he ahs so much experience he would be able to write content ad infinitum!

Suffice it to say we agreed on that as the niche and he came up with a great domain name and so we purchased that great domain name!


I nutured him through the process of providing comments on peoples websites and this was a hard task as he struggled with the rejection factor as he didn't completely understand why they would do that. I had to explain that he needed to write from his own experience in order not to repeat what the person has already said. We finally overcame that hurdle and he's earned over $10.00 - but he becomes very discouraged easily. We'll persue this phenomena and win!


Next I showed him how to use Google Search to see the phrases that people were actually searching for and asked him to make a long list of about 50 phrases in each section we had agreed on.

This was a long and arduous task and lots of convincing that it was worth it and that he could do it. Explaining and re-explaining it, eventually he got the hang of it and was well on his way to finding the phrases related to his website structure.

Next I helped him put those phrases into Jaaxy and showed him how to look for low competition and high traffic for the low hanging keywords. Furthermore, I showed him how to rearrange the wording to perhaps find better keyword results.

This all took a lot of time and the huge factor here is: He did it himself!


I didn't pussyfoot around him when I told him he needed to now write content for each of the sections he'd found keywords for. Plain and simply I told him he needed to try and reach an amount of 1,500 words for each sections and when he raised his eyebrows, I said, "Just write as if you were explaining it to me and keep writing!"

He understood the concept and applied this to his writing with paper and pen and in no time he'd written pages and pages on the first section. So he continued for each section until he had the required quota of words.


Here's where the slog comes in for me!

I offered to assist him as his typing is with two fingers and mine is with all 10 fingers! So suffice it to say I spent all of yesterday typing in content for all necessary pages on the website and the About Page.

This was a mammouth task and took away from the precious time I would've used to create my own content. But I believe if I'm to succeed, I need to help those who signed up under me succeed to, so I did it with a grateful and willing heart. I'm actually quite excited for him and we can definitely see the potential of him earning money from learning affiliate marketing for beginners, seniors and my 80 year old pensioner father!

Perhaps you could take the time to encourage him and spur him on in his endeavour to be the Best 80 Year Old Affiliate Marketer Of All Time!

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BrendaMZ Premium
That is so sweet and kind of you to help your Dad. My mother is 79 and she dislikes technology. My Dad passed away 15 years ago. Glad your Dad is making an effort to learn. We got a lot of senior members here including myself who struggle to learn all this. Awesome.
TopAchiever Premium
I'm sorry to hear the passing of your dad, that must've been hard. Hope you and your mom have been able to cope since then.

Yes, I take my hat of to my dad that he has actually made the decision to make a go of it!

He is so chuffed especially now that he sees the comments coming through on HIS website!

I think it means so much more to him and he starts seeing the bigger picture!

Thanks for stopping by to comment, much appreciated.
Hudson Premium
Well sorry but I am only 74 (this week) so a much younger person! However joking aside with the training here at WA no problem whatever age you are - it’s only a number after all.
TopAchiever Premium
Totally agree!
It's the attitude of your heart that matters the most!
His mother lived to a ripe young age of 101!
She always said to me, "You are only as old as you think you are!" From that time, I've not passed the age of 35! :-)))))))
FKelso Premium
It's certainly possible to do this business at age 80. If he wants to talk with another 80-year-old, have him contact me.
TopAchiever Premium
I most certainly will refer him to you Fran! He will be able to interact a lot more with you and you'll probably understand each other better than most of us! :-)

Thanks for the offer! :-)

Hope you clicked on the link to follow him in WA! :-)
FKelso Premium
I didn't but I will right now.
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks Fran!
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish both you and your father great success!

TopAchiever Premium
Thanks Bob! Indeed: For Greater Success!
CandP Premium
With you as his mentor, your father should do well. We wish him every success.
Colette and Philip
TopAchiever Premium
Indeed he will! We'll be successful together! :-)