$126.11 Google Adsense Payout

Last Update: Sep 2, 2020

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Hey my WA Family,

Today is an exciting day for me, this is my very first Google Adsense payout. Yayyyyyyyyy!

I made a whopping $126.11 dollars last month and it feels good.

Some of you are probably wondering how can I get the same results.

I am happy to answer those questions and give you some tips along the way. Let's get started...

Applying for Google Adsense

If you want Google to pay you, the first step is to apply for Adsense.


Google has increased their standards when it comes to approving new websites.

The first thing you should do is to create your main pages first.

Main pages include:

  • Privacy Policy
  • About
  • Contact
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Disclaimer

Once you have your main pages filled out correctly, you need to start adding content.

I would add over 30 posts full of images and 1500 words each.

Make sure the website menus are visible and don't add too many.

The overall design of your website should be easy on the eyes and simple to navigate.

Your Approved for Google Adsense

Once you're approved for Google Adsense, start celebrating because it's time to make money.

The next step is to add the Adsense code to your website to start displaying ads.

If you follow all their guidelines and instructions, you will be off to a great start.

From now on you need to create engaging content on your website to get more page views.

The more people visit your website, the more money you make.

Also, try keeping your readers longer on your posts by adding images and videos.

How long does it take to make money on Google Adsense?

You can make money right away as long as your website has traffic and people are reading your posts.

There's no secret formula that will increase the speed of making money with Adsense.

However, there are 5 important factors that may help boost your earnings.

Boost your earnings by:

  • Writing Unique Content
  • Long form content
  • Interactive content
  • Quality images
  • Helpful videos

All of these are self-explanatory and should be part of your writing strategy.

Think about it, wouldn't you love to read an article that can solve a problem you're having right away?

That's what Google search is looking for, unique content that is not find anywhere on the Internet.

Tips on Making Money with Google Adsense

Have a fast website-You don't want to fill your website with large images that slow down your page speed.

Here in WA, your websites are lighting fast right out the box.

Limit your Ads-If you have other advertisers aside from Adsense, don't fill your website with too many ads.

First, a website that has too many ads looks spammy and can get you banned from Google.

Too many ads will slow your website creating a bad user experience.

Limit your Videos- Everyone likes seeing videos, but if you have too many of them on one page, it slows your website.

Optimize your images-Use the right size images for your posts.

Larger images take long to load and can sometimes fail.

Stick to one size for most of your posts to keep your website lean.

Upgrade to WA Premium Account for Extreme Website Speed

When you upgrade, you'll have access to two website speeds.

The regular website speed for basic applications and the Xtreme speed for a lightning fast website.

With these options your website will be competing with the top competitors in the industry.

Anyways, I don't want this post to be a 1000 words long so I will cut it short.

Today is a happy-feel-good day me.;0) I'm enjoying the gift that Google has given me.

Remember, this could be you, all you need is to be persistent and continue writing articles every week.

For your next task, I want you to write a 1500 word post for your website in the next two days.

How much money would you like to make with Google Adsense next month?

Have a wonderful day!


Recent Comments


Good for you Tony, I have been in two minds about adding Adsense as my site is very graphicy. I show images on how to make craft products for kids, you tube videos etc.
So I don't know if adding ads will become confusing and if they are child friendly.
Do we get to choose what's shown? or do they compliment your content?
I also thought you have to have quite a few followers, social media etc like 500 plus, and write regularly is that right?

Hi - you might be surprised to learn how Google AdSense works. It does not show ads that relate to your niche or content.

The ads relate to whatever your visitor has been searching for previously. So, if I had been looking for car insurance recently, then when I visit your site, I will be shown ads about insurance, with nothing to do with your niche.

Every visitor will see something different.

You don't need social media followers, but you do need decent daily traffic to your website. It pays very little, perhaps £4 for every 1000 visitors. And it doesn't payout until you have reached £100.

The content on your site needs to have been added to recently, new posts within the last few months.

Gosh is that how it works! well based on those figures, that's a no go for me lol.
Thanks for enlightening me Diane. I always wondered why when I go on-line checking others articles, why I get ads coming up on exactly what I have been reviewing!
So if I did click on one of those ads and made a purchase does the owner of that site get commission or does the click stand for one of the 1,000 viewers?
We are not looking at affiliate links here are we? is it a different ball game?
Sorry this has evoked many more questions, that might also be useful to others,

Hi - if somebody visits your site and clicks on an ad, you will get paid. It's not really a commission because they don't have to buy anything; it's just a set figure. They are not affiliate links.

OK thanks👍

Thanks Abie appreciate the reminder 👍

Most welcome!

Thats great news i remember the very first month my adsense account reached the 100 dollar threshold to withdraw my earnings.I know how much hard work it takes to start earning like that on adsense.your doing great and im so glad to hear about your sucsess i wish you all the best and more continued sucsess.

Hi Jon456,
It feels great when Google tells you they sent money to your account. All that hard work pays off in the future.
Have a great day!

Hey Tony,

I've been thinking about Adding Google ads but I've noticed on other sites it really kills the page speeds. PSI seems to hate any page with ads on, Iv'e been testing a few top ranking sites which have ads and they all fail miserably because of the ads.

Anyways how many page views did it take you to reach $126 a month?

I get around 20k organic a month, I was wondaering what I can expect if I chose to try ads?



Hey Jay,
You would make more money than what I made for sure. I don't know the exact numbers cause every website is different. No matter how you look at it, you will be stuck adding ads and slowing your website down. Just don't go ad-crazy, it's easy to spam ads all over your site to make more money.
Best wishes!

Congratulations! 🎉
Thank you for echoing the value of WA training about monetizing our website with AdSense, website speed and the importance of getting a complete website with those important pages, easy to navigate site, and a decent amount of quality content before applying for Google AdSense. 🙂👍

Here is to more 🥂🍾


Hi EmakAmelia,
I'm glad that you learned something new. I always pay attention to the veterans here in WA. They always have some cool tips.

Excellent info. I think some folks on WA think that the training courses are the only thing they need to do. But they need to consider it as a foundation and continue to do research other places. I read a lot of blog posts on WA and looked at the trainings that members created. Those posts/trainings really flesh out what Kyle and Carson are teaching.
Thanks for posting about Adsense!


Hi Kerryo0899,
That's a good point you brought up. But there's no need to look anywhere else. The WA training is all you need to build an online business. Other people create similar training with a few additions and charge high prices. The real problem is people not wanting to do the work, but that's another story.;)
Thanks for stopping by!

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