Blogging every day keeps the something, something away!

Last Update: May 20, 2020

Does anyone blog every single day? Is it healthy to do this and will it help get more traffic if a daily blog is maintained?

I am in the early stages of my new website which is under a month old or 26 days. So far I have put out 20 blogs. I have also written another 9 longer articles but the blog has taken over.

Is this normal? Am I going too far with with the blogging? Will it help with traffic?

So many questions. I have noticed that on days that I havent blogged, the website traffic is lower! Coincidence? Hmmmmm.

I utilise social media for every post I do so it can reach out to a bigger audience and this seems to help. It is hard to put a finger on whether the daily blog is helping with the traffic, so, do I keep going?

Silly question maybe but I am really enjoying blogging at the moment and am in a purple patch of creativity!

Do you blog every day? What is your routine to keep the visitors coming back?

I'm off to write another blog so see you the next time!


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BVince Premium
It can be said the sweet spot is what ever fits you .quality content is always better than quantity thou.
As long as you stick to a schedule your readers and google will know what to expect
CStauber Premium
Blogging every day cannot hurt. I helps build your writing skills an d that makes for great content.

Take care
ChigsGohel Premium
Each to their own I guess.
On my blog, I tend go blog once a week.
On WA I will blog when I have something valuable to share.
This is me being me. 😊👍🏼