Without sharing your website name, What's Your Niche?

Last Update: May 12, 2022

Without sharing your website name, what's your niche?

There are so many niches in the world and also here at WA so it'd be nice to know who's site to visit when we're interested in what other members are sharing!

Instead of buying from a random person on the internet, it'd be nicer to buy from another WA Member.

Do You Agree?

We all know that we can place our website link(s) on our WA profile page so that any Premium or Premium+ Member who is following us can click on it there.

That being said, What's Your Niche?

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etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Tony,

My niche is time management for business. I focus on helping those who have small to mid-size businesses grow and scale.

I write reviews on time tracking software, HR management software, and other software to help with productivity and efficiency.

Thank you for sharing this post :)


Alma31 Premium
I agree with you on this; the people here are great. I want to support them always. My niche at present is Diabetes since cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and mothers have diabetes. But, I have to admit this topic is starting to burn me out, I have just a few more cases on this, and I want to go to something else in Affiliate Marketing. I want to do my lesson, learn, apply and become successful like many at WA.
Johnpavich Premium
I have been taking vitamins for over 50 years so, mine is about vitamins and minerals and how we can benefit by taking them and also natural foods for better health as well as other things like exercise and ways to stay in shape as I am a living example😁👌
Also was thinking of starting a site about home repairs and how to save money by doing certain maintenance repairs since I was a property mgr for 35 years and know a lot about repairs and tricks to save people money.
leoemery Premium Plus
Payday loan debt, MMO, also looking a another new niche, not sure yet still researching.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Currently healthcare and pilot watches. Affiliate marketing, but that is on the back burner.