Why am I receiving crazy comments lately?

Last Update: November 12, 2020

As the screenshot above shows, the comments look like they're coming from Google, they're not, are they?

The email that I receive when one of these is shared says that it's a TrackBack.

Should I be marking these as spam, deleting them, approving them or doing something else with them?

Is there a way to prevent them?

They're not a good thing, are they?

Why am I receiving them, do you know?

Thank you for commenting, asking more questions and/or answering some of the questions!

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joejr49 Premium
I am having similar, if not the same, problem.

The site I take care of for a non profit gets similar one-word comments, several a day, with the occasional 3 or 4 page long comment in what appears to be Russian.

I have been marking them as spam, but they are getting to be quite a pain. I will take a look at the links below and see if that helps.

Good luck with yours,

JeffreyBrown Premium
I would say spam myself, Tony!

rubanzema Premium
Trackbacks mean that some people are trying to link their websites to yours. I treat them as spams.
Dave07 Premium
Hi Tony
Unfortunately the image is very hard to see so I cant read the comments.
Chrystopher did a training a while back on disabling track backs which might help: Cheers
C25 Premium
There is a way if this is related to pings trackback.


That should explain.

Trackbacks were good strategies way back to get traffic. But now a days it is spammy and look unnatural (google wants "natural"). The people leaving them don't even bother reading your website and ask for link back, so you get weird comments with links. Yeah it is an old linking back strategy.