Which is the best look?

Last Update: June 19, 2021

All of the above pictures are from earlier today except for the one at the middle right, which one in your opinion is the best look?

The middle right one was taken on 28 January 2021 which was a very eventful day in my life.

Just for fun, place the 8 looks above in your order of what you believe to be the best look.......

1) Goatee & PorkChop Side Burns

2) Just a Moustache

3) Handle Bar Moustache

4) Clean Shaven

5) Trimmed Beard

6) Goatee only

7) Full Beard

8) CaveMan

Thank you WA Friends for playing along......... just a few days before my 6th Anniversary here at WA.

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Jenny28 Premium
Number 5 and 7.
Also congrats on your upcoming 6 year WA anniversary!
RoseLee2020 Premium
Yo Mr Caveman 😅 ... Having fun with your beard I see... I always prefer clean shaven but you seem to own the full beard look.

Have a wonderful day!~^

JrzyGrlBJ Premium
I happen to like #5 middle center, profile view.

edhozubin Premium
I like #5.
Suzycaron61 Premium
7 is perfecto
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank You Suzanne