Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate my Friend, Please allow me to Introduce myself

Last Update: May 08, 2016

Hello Friend,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

The Best Online Business Community on the Internet and in the World!

My name is Tony

I have an awesome Son named Vance who will soon be 15 years old

(His Mom who went to Heaven in 2013 and I adopted Him at His birth)

I love fishing, baseball, affiliate marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, Jesus, God, Family & Friends. Not necessarily in that order.

I also served in the United States Army for 7 years from 1984 - 1991

I am honored and humbled that God has gifted me with the ability to help Friends earn an income online from anywhere in the World.

Contact me anytime and I will help when & where I can.

Thank you for Sharing & Caring,


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JAZZmom41 Premium
Fantastic! What a wonderful intro.
Hi Tony! thanks for sharing
NettyLocke Premium
:D. Thank you.
MKearns Premium
First step join WA. Next step bring in the new recruits and help them like you are doing.
mjdimarco Premium
Tony, are you going to take time off for the Super Bowl?
cobra3800 Premium
Hi tony, I just came back after a 3 month absent and I would like to know is hard for you too right content?.thats my biggest problem I would like to know if you would take a look at my website and let me know what I'm doing wrong I cant get people to come to my site. thank you makingmoneyonline4free.com
steveo5770 Premium
I noticed a couple things about your site.
1. You only seem to have around 10 pages. Am I right? You will need considerably more content to start being found in the search engines.

2. I noticed many of your permalinks are quite long and may be confusing to search engines. It's hard to tell exactly what keyword phrases you are targeting.
cobra3800 Premium
yes I'm trying to write content everyday it's a little hard, mental block lol. it takes me maybe 3 to 4 days to write a page/post and I'm trying to pick keywords associated with making money. I'm using jaaxy, I'm haveing trouble thinking of some and I'm not really sure what you mean about permalinks. I'm not real good on a computer so still learning maybe I could use my pretty link plugin do you think that would help? thank you for your feedback.
paulmees Premium
Tony, thank you for sharing. Great to be connected to you.
AlexEvans Premium
Thanks for the welcome Tony, good to meet you.
VincentA Premium
Great post
Jozeph Premium
Nice post Tony, thanks for sharing :)
Have a nice Sunday
Mollie1 Premium
Hi Tony,
great post....thank you for sharing positivity !!! William Thackeray once said " The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face". You should be very proud of your reflection Tony !
LLiu Premium
I like your attitude and positive attitude and giving to others in need of help.
Thank you,
Linda (-;
Timard Premium
Hey Tony, awesome profile for a post and thank you for serving in the service and to the many more that served as well. It is very nice to almost have a free country because of you guys.

I feel that one day we will be a FREE COUNTRY,and thank you for contributing to our awesome community and WA with the help of your son. I guest you could say he's like part of your right arm, just like my two daughters are. Again thank you for the inspiration and contribution.
Bannermarie Premium
Thanks, Tony. Worldwide All The Way!
Rean Premium
Awesome post Tony.. Thanks for your enriching contributions to the WA the community.. Stay Blessed.
Ventures2000 Premium
Great to hear Tony, thanks for being here. Robert
yamin4cws Premium
Thanks for sharing this with us - hope to see you around and connect.
KatieMac Premium
A new updated bio short and to the point, like it.. have a good weekend
arrisyad Premium
Hi Tony, I would love to learn from you :)
braka Premium
wel come tony im very happy and iwill be you my fraind
SadieChan Premium
Thanks Tony, nice to know someone so willing to help here. Hope to be able to learn from you.
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Tony very nice and to the point introduction
roguestatus1 Premium
Thanks for reaching out to the community with this post!! Hope to learn from you in the near future!

bjdluna Premium
Tony, You are a real inspiration! All that you have accomplished is so amazing!
monamassoud Premium
Hi Tony. God bless you and your family.
NORZ Premium
Hello my friend. Quite an introduction. It gives me the feeling that your someone new here. LOL! But anyway thanks for sharing these insights about you. Best wishes.