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Last Update: December 15, 2019

As far back as when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community there has been varying opinions about whether we should list our websites on the right side of our profile page.

I've always felt that it was a good idea because as long as a member was following you here at WA, they could go to your page and click on your website.

Recently my thoughts have changed ........

What changed?

In the past month, visitors from referral sources as you can see from the Google Analyticss screenshot above accounted for 10% of my overall traffic to my site.

In comparison to other referral traffic, the traffic from my WA profile page is terrible!

A 12-second Average Session Duration?

Is someone or a group of someones doing this on purpose, I sure hope not!

Here at Wealthy Affiliate e're supposed to be a community of friends who want each other to succeed.

That being said, from here forward when any of us visit each other's website lets take a good look around for at least 3 minutes.

What do your stats say?

Thank you friends for listening, I normally try to be a positive person and will now again.

All of our continued success is my daily prayer.

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Jukkah Premium
I had to check mine just for the interest. There was a single visit from WA for december on my site and that was for a second. Sounds like a crawler to me. Not an actual person. I'm simply keeping the links on my profile so that people interested in my sites can check them out. They are also valid backlinks to your site, WA has decent domain authority. They are likely NoFollow but can't hurt your SEO.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Your website content is what determines your conversion rate a bounce rate isn't important. I have an 80 percent bounce rate on a few sites, but that's because the people have gone to my call to action page. I don't get why it;'s imp[ortant the only thing that is important is the profit
I see you have deleted your websites if any of your pieces of training have your banner on then they will have to be removed and any reference to your website. Also, you will have to pay for privacy on your domain because that's public as well
PLuh1 Premium
I still think that you can get sales from WA members clicking on your website to buy. Maybe Google doesn't like the bounce rate, but have you analyzed if you got sales and wasn't that worth it?
I am new, so I don't know, but I would rather have sales than be concerned about what the bounce rate does to me.
Labman Premium Plus
It is just good etiquette to give others at WA some time on-site to help instead of hinder the bounce rate.
PLuh1 Premium
Of course
Tirolith Premium
“Together we rise to greater heights because Teamwork is friendship and success.” Tom Short.

"As a person, we struggle through life. As a team we have fun speed learning together with a life of growth." Tom Short.

“We all like our Heroes so keep active and become one as a leader.” Tom Short.

TELEX2019 Premium
Hello Tony,

I spent time researching this average duration metric on Google a while back.
Especially the formula used to calculate it.
Here the what i discovered:

We need to be careful how we interpret this number.

Here is why.

If any visitor clicks on your website and only reads the landing page, even if they spent 5 hours reading just that single page and then leave, Google Analytics will record ZERO seconds as their duration.

This link teaches how to better analyze these sessions duration.

I tested this and validated it.

Why is the more prevalent for WA traffic ?

Well, we sent WA members on our sites through comments and these comments typically are for a SINGLE post or a SINGLE page.

The WA commenter is asked to read a SINGLE post/page and comment on just that.
Therefore if the commenters Do just what they are asked to do i.e. read the SINGLE post/page and comment on it, well my friends we ALL WILL MOSTLY SEE DIRECT TRAFFIC FROM WA WITH ZERO AVERAGE SESSION DURATION !!!

It is impossible for a human to click on your page/post and close it in Zero seconds yet that is what Google Analytics records for most of this single page visits.

Google starts counting when the visitor performs an event i.e. clicks on a link or a second page/post...


Our WA ARE NOT to blame for nefarious behavior on our websites when it comes to average session duration.
Google Analytics Average session duration is not reliable at all !!!

Beware...Hope this helps.
Swangirl Premium
Yes! Very true. I don't worry too much about session duration.
Sie3 Premium
Thank you for the explanations. You've no idea how much this has helped me overcome the self doubt.
Caruana Premium
Thanks for the info Tony.
TELEX2019 Premium
You are welcome.