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Last Update: March 02, 2020

I've been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate since June 2015 & in the over 4 years WA has never not paid me for Premium Referrals on time.

The 1st of every month is payday at WA & also Jaaxy ~ Although I sometimes receive commission emails from PayPal multiple times in a day, week and month, I always look forward to the 1st.

In my almost 5 years here at WA as a Premium Member, I have 1,219 referrals, 6 of whom joined yesterday.

Not all of the 1,219 have upgraded to being a Premium Member & some never will.

If you have referrals who have joined but not yet upgraded, don't lose hope.

I've actually had members join years ago and not even upload a picture or write a bio then upgrade to Premium.

The 1st time that happened I was shocked but now it has happened quite a few times.

Keep sharing & caring my friends, we do indeed have the absolute best community & platform for beginners to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

I plan to never not be a WA Premium Member and highly recommend that all friends have 2 sites.

1 site to share & promote WA & the other 1 to share what you are passionate about without worrying about monetizing it.

The myth that the Make Money from Home niche is hard to break into and has too much competition isn't in my humble opinion true.

Thank you WA Friends,

Tony Lee Hamilton aka The Digital Marketing Veteran

The $1,000 Commissions for 1 sale like the one above aren't bad either :)

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Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Tony,

I hope you're doing well and that business is good.

I hear your wise words and I agree that some niches are harder to break into than others. However, I believe that if you keep writing useful and true information then it is definitely possible to enter into the Internet marketing niche successfully.

Have a great day Tony.

MartinaDKH Premium Plus
Congratulations Tony - just wandering around looking for some motivation to keep me going :) Been a member for a long time (similar to you) but just starting my affiliate business now. My niche websites haven't done so well - I think that I was too broad and didn't really think about monetization. Also I got distracted a lot. 2020 is hopefully the year I can be a little more consistent. Thanks for this.
Sie3 Premium
Tony is right, don't be discouraged by those incomplete profiles. They will be back. You know why? I'm the living proof of it. I dipped my toes into WA for a month back in 2018, then took a break for more than a year. When I came back in August last year, my mindset was ready! During my time away, I couldn't stop thinking of this goldmine training platform so I made sure to strengthen some of my weaknesses in preparation, and here I am 🤗🤗🤗. Not perfect, but at least good enough to have the courage to pursue what I want.
Roseblogger Premium
Hi Tony, thank you for this post. Its like you read my mind.

I was just about to write a blog post here at WA which was going to be rant about how I am getting referrals but they are not completing their profiles.

It was going to be a why me kind of post lol 😂 but this post of yours has encouraged me.

Bald Eagle Premium
Interesting post Tony.
Can I ask is your WA promotion centered around reviews of other MMO schemes?
The reason I ask is because I am a big believer (make that BIG) in WA but I couldn't be bothered and am not one bit interested in having to review inferior products.
I have found that the majority of people who want to make money online want the payment to be made yesterday or preferably the day before and WA is not the place for that.
Just interested to know if you are doing these other scheme reviews