Thank You WA Veterans for your service

Last Update: November 10, 2015

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day here in the United States so 1st I would like to thank those who served before me, with me and after me. Thank You fellow Veterans

Tomorrow would also be my Son Vance's Mom Gail's 55th Birthday (She went to Heaven 3 years ago from breast cancer) So Veterans Day is also a day that Vance & I remember His Mom.

The picture above is from June 1986 one year before we got married. My Sister Debbie and Fiancee at the time Gail came to Aschaffenburg Germany for a couple of weeks where I was stationed in the United States Army.

I would also like to thank the Veterans of Wealthy Affiliate - Many Friends have been a part of WA for 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 or even more years.

Do me a Favor and post below how many years that You served in the Military and/or here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank You Friends for sharing & caring,

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Surfdude123 Premium
4 years United States Marine Corps. 1981-1985 3 years United States Navy Reserves. 1988-1991
LLeary Premium
Thanks for your service.
Theresaw90 Premium
Thanks for your service
Yenomym Premium
Thanks for sharing and serving.
GeorgeEkman Premium
Yes thank you
mjdimarco Premium
Thanks to all the veterans!
EddieEsther Premium
U.S. Army - 1978 (3 years); WA - 4 months.
~ Eddie
guitarmanjim Premium
6 years USN Vietnam Vet 6 years at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks to all Vets on this day!!
AlexEvans Premium
Thank you for sharing , it is a day to remember the sacrifice of people who served .
TonyHamilton Premium
I served 7 years in the United States Army & have been here with the Wealthy Affiliate Community since 18 June 2015
JewelCarol Premium
Wow very beautiful picture, Tony. :))
I am here about 14 months, seems like a long time to me, lol. ;))
SaulGold Premium
Hi Tony, Thanks for your service and thanks for this post remembering our Vets.
I belong to an organization called Sons In Retirement. We had a meeting today where we remembered our Vets. We sang all of the military branches songs and prayed for the Vets past and present. We have a member who was a survivor of Omaha Beach in Normandy.
We start all meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance and end every meeting singing God Bless America, which is a prayer.
God Bless our military servicemen.
taleach Premium
hey tony thank you much for remembering those that have served. I my self did veit nam vet 8 years glad to hear I'm still thought about. By the many of your post great job keep it up and you will go far. Thank you for helping keep our country free. sempterfi
NyFl Premium
Thank you Tony for serving our country. There are those who feel that our best days are behind us. I disagree. As long as we have honorable men and women serving, we will service and thrive.
PS; I have been with WA for 2 months.
Fgonzaga Premium
Never had an opportunity to serve. Thank you for all the sacrifices to make our country safe!
gooddogpoky2 Premium
I never served in the armed forces, but I do appreciate all that our forces have done for this country. Happy Veterans Day! DAN
jasoncancino Premium
United States Marine Corps 4 yrs(today is the Marine Corps bday 450 yrs) also 3 yrs in the Coast Guard Reserve.

Coming up on my 1 yr mark in WA.

Thank you for all those before me, with me, and after me, and thank you for those that have the ultimate sacrifice. I am so grateful to live in the U.S. Of A! ;-)
beatlebailey Premium
Thank you for your tireless dedication to our amazing country. God bless you.
Fjacobs Premium
Thank you veterans for answering the call and defending America. Many people might take you guy's for granted, but I am not one of them.
IRTimKerr Premium
US Navy a little over 10 years .
WA about 4 months.
Brookline Premium
Safe keeping for all those who have served, are serving, or will serve in the years ahead.
RichieBarone Premium
Thank-you and all those who have served......
EFors Premium
Wish you a joyful day tomorrow with good memories. :))
SJB Premium
Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day! :)
RonAlderman Premium
Thank you Tony and to every Military member for your service. I also appreciate and would like to thank those families of military personnel who are no longer with us for the sacrifice.

WE WILL NEVER FORGET what you have done for us. Past, present or future!
maxser67 Premium
I wish you a very nice day tomorrow!!

I served in the Swedish Navy for a year and I have been at WA for two years.
Judy-B Premium
I have not served in the military. My brother was in the Navy for four years. I would like to thank those who serve and have served for their generous service to our wonderful country. Thank you, Tony.

I have been here at WA for a little over a year. :)
JeffBoivin Premium
Thank you for your service Sir.
My sister served in The Canadian Army; Twice in Afghanistan. She is still an active proud Canadian Military.

I am a Fresh recruit in WA :) Best Regards

Loes Premium
I wish you a lot of love on this special remembering day tomorrow Tony

I am a pacifist, so I never served the army and never will.
My service on WA is today 483 days:)
dianegailit Premium
Thank you for your service, Tony! I love the picture :-)
nurseannie Premium
How lovely.... May God bless.... AM
elinormavor Premium
God Bless you, Tony, and all the incredible service men and women who protect and fight for our great country. This is such a beautiful tribute to your wife, and the photos are wonderful ... a VERY good lookin' young couple!!
Chris2005 Premium
U. S. Air Force 1971-1974
Wealthy Affiliate since Feb 2014
cblackston Premium
Thank You for your service Tony and to all who have served thank you all!
LLiu Premium
Thank you Tony for your beautiful blog and is very much appreciated by all here at WA. My son served 24 yr's in the service and recently retired. He served 4 missions in Afghanistan and Irac. Your service and so many others are heroes to this country.
I like your pictures and I am very sorry for your loss.
You have a very special day,
Linda :))
DIGGER12 Premium
Thank you for your service Tony, my grandfather served in WWII in the army ( the Big Red One), my dad served in Vietnam and my brother two tours in Iraq in the Marines. Thank you to all veterans, past , present and future... for your service

I will be wearing my USMC shirt today, and going to the Veterans day parade tomorrow :-)
Sheila50 Premium
Not me, My Son served in the Marine Corp for 5 years active duty and now is in the Marine Reserves.
I do believe that today is the Marine Corps Birthday!!!
Thanks all
DIGGER12 Premium
Hi it is the Marine Corps 450th birthday , my dad and brother also served in the marines ...
Sheila50 Premium
Thanks Digger12
DIGGER12 Premium
lol I am an idoit , its their 240th not their 450th :-) sorry
Sheila50 Premium
It's ok, I knew what it was!! LOL
shelley8492 Premium
9.5 years in the Coast Guard and starting my 2nd year at WA.
lycefair Premium
Not me, my Dad, WW II British Army. Mum war time factory worker and bombed out of their home (s) about 6 times. I thank all the veterans and all active duty service men and women.
Nice post Tony, thanks
Gordon-D Premium
You have a great day tomorrow Tony for all sorts of reasons
Slappie Premium
Thank you Tony for serving and protecting our country. I will be flying my U S flag and my Marine flag.
JeanR Premium
Thank You Tony and I Thank You also for your Service,.
7 yrs USAF, 2.5 yrs in So Korea, peacetime and 4.5 yrs between Spokane, WA and Chandler, AZ.
Alisquit Premium
Hello Tony, Tomorrow will be the Veteran's day in France too. In France this day is particular for the World War but also for all the veterans since this war. I am not sure what I try to write is understanding because I am not fluent in english. All the men in the family were military so I am very proud and I know what is to be a patriot. Take care , Audrey
oldokie Premium
Hey Tony, I served 10+ years in the Army. Had 2 tours in Germany and several here at home.
VinceR Premium
A wonderful tribute to your wife and to your son. Gd Bless!

In answer to your question, United States Coast years!! Semper Paritus!!
KariLee Premium
Thank you for your service, Tony!
Proud mother of an Army medic and Iraq veteran,
p.s. my vet's B.D. is 11/11
jessbrown Premium
Beautifully said, Tony. I'm so sorry you lost your lovely wife. :(

Thank you for your service!