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August 22, 2018
Friends don't join companies!Friends join Friends!What are You doing to grow your Brand?Our WA Friend from Hawaii drew the above caricature of me as The Marketing Veteran ..... I have now started to include and become known as The Digital Marketing Veteran as well as the Wealthy Super Affiliate.How do I know that building your brand online works?Because I have now done it!It hasn't happened overnight and it does take quite a bit of work, In most cases Crushing it 10X is what it will take!Are Yo
Friends,Welcome to the Instagram Crushing it 10X Engagement tip for Tuesday August 21stEngagement at Instagram is HUGE!What you need for Massive Traffic to Your Instagram Page is Engagement!What's the best way to create enegagement?Share content that encourages engagement and be creative.Friends,Right click on the image below, choose "Save Image As" then save it to your laptoptop, tablet, desktop, cell phone or iPad then sometime soon, post it on your Instagram Page, Make sure to include #Crush
August 21, 2018
Who says that Monday is the worst day of the week?People who work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day Monday thru Friend, that's who.Take a look at my stats on Instagram from yesterday, Yes Monday!I Love Monday!As You can clearly see by the stats above, I especially loved Monday yesterday!Have all Mondays been as productive as yesterday was?No........ Now that I have been Crushing it 10X they will be eve more productive than in the past!Maybe not as productive as yesterday..... then again, I would lov
My VISION is to assist Friends in earning online, no matter what Niche and/or Opportunty that You share!Don't expect me to chase after You to force You to be successful!Don't expect me to candy coat anything!Don't expect me to do for You anything that you're not willing to do for yourself!Most of all, Don't be a hater :) You can't be a hater and be successful!Do nothing except by chatting about it or take action and start Crushing it 10X - Don't be a hater!You've got to show up, you can't just
#IGtvFriends #Crushingit10XTodays tip is quick to tell but will take some effort on yours as well as my part.Are You Ready to be Crushing it 10X IGtv Friends?#IGtvFriends #Crushingit10XToday's Instagram Crushing it 10X Tip is to now go back to any and/or all of your past Instagram posts and make sure that the 2 Hashtags above are in your comment area.Yes, I am also going to go back thru 2 years worth of posts and add those 2 Hashtags to all posts in the comments where I don't already have the 3
WA Friends,Content is King!Yes that's True but do You know who is the Queen?Yes!Social Media & Sharing!Crushing it 10X while Uncle G and His little Brother Bing & Little Sister Yahoo take their time indexing our hard work on our websites!Don't wait on them!Start Crushing it 10X right now!Are You Ready?Instagram Stats! IGTV Video Training - Get Your Channel in less than 30 seconds! IGTV for Instagram! Use the following Hashtags in addition to the #Crushingit10X#IGTVCommunity#IGTVCrushin
August 16, 2018
IGTV Instagram Training - Crushing it 10X I am so excited to share this post as well as the Instagram IGTV training above Friends.Click on the link above and watch the 3 minute video to see how simple and easy that You can have your very own IGTV Channel on Instagram!This is HUGE Friends - Crushing it 10X on Instagram is now taking it to a whole new level!Are You still #Crushingit10X on Instagram and now ready to really take your Business to the Next Level?Let's do this!
Friends,Always continue learning and never be ashamed to ask questions!I always tell my Friends who I have referred to WA and/or any other platform to simply ask me when they have any questions.How many times have You heard that someone is quitting either WA or anything else because they couldn't catch on to it and/or had no support?How many of those times did the same person who is now letting the world know that they are quitting, never even really got started, asked little to no questions an