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I took the past week off from some personal reasons and didn't post on my website and/or share much at all - Definently not Crushing it 10XSometimes life happens and we have to take a step away from our business......The good thing about earning online is that although the traffic, sales, referrals etc..... have been down this week, they have still been coming in without me.Prior to yesterday, the last post that I wrote and published on my website was on 29 August 2018 the next day my Dad/Hero
For the Keyword "Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador" my ranking at Yahoo actually dropped 1 slot but Google has finally found me and I am the end of page #2 there as well as page #1 at Bing.I look forward to reaching page#1 at Google soon for that keyword while still maintaining and even improving on my Page #1 positions as Yahoo & Bing.Thank You WA Community & Jaaxy!You all Rock!
No names my Friends & also please don't be super specific in details.My thoughts now that I am and Ambassador again at WA .........Again?Yes, this is at least the 4th time that I have been in the Top 25 Members here at WA since joining in June 2015 and I have actually as the screenshot above shows, been an Ambassador for 395 days of my about 1,169 days at WA.I first achieved Ambassador status in less than 4 months at WA, back when the algorithm was different than it is now.Many Friends comp
Instagram Crushing it10X is especially for Friends who are promoting the WA Opportunity, Did You notice that your Airplane number is now set to 100 in the event that it was higher than that number?Here is a recent post explaing more about that and why now is a great time to start Crushing it 10X sharing WA!Another great reason is the monthly Paypal deposits that are sent to us on the 1st of every month by Wealthy Affiliate - See more about that here in this post. So, how is this post more relev
I've been a Member at WA since June 2015 and have always, without fail or delay, received my commissions on the 1st of every month since joining.I consider that both a testament to WA's leadership, integrity and attention to detail.Recently I have decided to completely go away from a different community that doesn't have anywhere near the above qualities.As a matter of fact, on 1 occasion, my commissions were over 5 months late!Yes and even tho I sent their "support help desk" a message every m
Is Google on vacation?Usually I get Google love much moreso than from the other search engines....... My most recent post, however, is on Page #1 of both Yahoo & Bing for both of my Keywords in the post of the title but nowhere to be found on Google.They aren't big number keywords ..... One of them is "Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador" On the positive side of things, the increased traffic from Bing and Yahoo has been HUGE the past couple of days, so when Google finally shows up, who knows what
Yes, Only 100 Premium Referrals needed from now until January 1st of 2019 in order to qualify for the Wealthy Super Affiliate Conference!Every year since I started at WA in June 2015 and I'm quite sure for many years prior to my arrival, Wealthy Affiliate has had an annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas Nevada that is 100% Free.The reason that the number resets to 100 every year on September 1st is to make it possible for new Friends who have either just joined WA recently as well as t
August 30, 2018
My Dad went to Heaven this morning .....Growing up, my Dad worked for Buick Motor Division and 2nd shift, so he was at work from 3pm - 11pm at least Monday thru Friday. Of course, we kids (6 of us) were at School from about 7am - 3pm then in bed before 11pm so we didn't see our Dad much.I never really had a great relationship with my Dad until I returned home from the Army and from then on we were Best Friends.My Dad also served in the United States Army in the 50's and 60's so following in hi
I am daily amazed and sad to hear Friends here at Wealthy Affiliate as well as other Online Communities that I am a Member at complain and/or ask "How long before I start getting Traffic to my Website and/or Opportunity?"Is that You?Are You regularly checking your website stats?How many times a day do You check?Quit checking and start doing!Don't wait for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.... to start ranking your Amazing Content!Start Crushing it 10X by sharing Your Mazing Content on Social Media sites,
That's Right Friends,just because a Free Member has completed Level #1 of the Official Wealthy Affiliate Training that they can keep moving forward in learning and earning.Many Friends who create training here at Wealthy Affiliate, choose the "All Can View" option or whatever the actual wording is.So, don't tell a Free Starter Member that just because they have reached the end of the Official WA Training that they have no other options except to upgrade before learning anything else.Of course,