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Do You share yours and/or anyone else's Wealthy Affiliate Blogs and/or Trainings for WA Referrals?Each and every training and blog has an Affiliate Link that You can generate, then when shared, if someone decides to join WA, they will be linked to You as their referrer forever!If it's your own blog and/or training then there is no need to use the "Create an Affiliate Link" as the fact that it's your creation already has your unique embedded.Cool, Right?I have shared mine as well as others' blog
About 3 years ago when I first joined the awesome Wealthy Affiliate Community, I created the Top 200 - Success Leaves Clues training.Recently I created the 7 minute Free Starter Member Recommended Training & also for Premium Members training video.Both trainings talk about how "Success Leaves Clues" and that I recommend following the Top 200 Members here at WA then to take a look at their bio, posts, trainings and even at the bottom right side, their "Follow Me On" links that they may or ma
The internet is the bathroom wall of the 21st Century and Google has so many scribblers ........ Anyone can post anything that they want, no matter if it's true or not.Many people feel that Google knows everything.......Who created Google and who adds content to Google?Yes, humans and we all know that even though some people do indeed believe that they know everything, that it's far from the truth.In my humble opinion, those that think that they know everything or even more than everyine else,
Traffic on day 2 - Sunday, the traffic was Massively Off-The Charts & surprised me!Almost 5,000 Visitors on that 1 day!I attribute it to people dreading Monday and looking at an opportunity.Sundays are also usually my busiest days on my other sites as well.I just created this website as you can see by the diagram above, on Saturday so the search engines have only just now found the site so we shall see.Most of the traffic generated above is from social media sharing, email list, sharing on
I actually created this website about 7 hours ago and have only 1 post on it and a Privacy Policy Page.The only other links are links to my other website (My About Me Page) and a link to Facebook and Instagram.The Free Plugin that I use as shown above is called "Sumo" and it's amazing, links to Google Analytics, has Social Media Sharing tabs etc......... = Awesome and Highly Recommended!I attribute the massive traffic to my new website in such a early time to what I have learned in the past 3 y
September 14, 2018
Interesting question, right? Who wants to be a Millionaire? That question itself, is a question within itself, the bigger and better question would be "Why do You want to be a Millionaire and what are You willing to do to achieve Millionaire status?"I'm not here to judge anyone so your answer is your answer and I won't even start to try to decide if it's a good one or not......I will say that in my humble opinion, becoming a Millionaire without helping others would be a really selfish and lonel
Content is King & Social Media sharing is King! Do You utilize the SiteContent feature here at Wealthy Affiliate, or do You not prefer the Site Content platform? I do use it for posts on my websites but not for WA blogs, I have heard of Friends here at WA using it for Wealthy Affiliate blogs then simply copy and pasting them here.When I say that I use them for my websites ....... Yes, on occasion for one reason or another, I do forget to :)What do You use and/or how do You create content a
Yes my Friends, as many of You are already aware, I have been utilizing the Site Feedback platform here at Wealthy Affiliate much more in the past week and with Amazing results!I have requested and received over 69 Feedback comments with over 65,000 words since I joined WA in June 2015 Friends and over 30 of those in the past week alone.Not only have I received great Feedback from members who've been here for a long time, I've actually in many cases received even better Feedback from newbies he
Yes my Friends,I have requested and received over 30 Feedback messages in the past 3 days and about 69 since joining Wealthy Affiliate In June 2015.I just recently created a post on my website by simply copying the feedback comments received then pasting them onto my website.Don't Worry, no private information was shared and in the event that You left your name at the closing, I coded it like this T........y for Tony, just as an example.I have requested more feedback in the past 3 days for the
Yes, You read that title correctly!In the past couple of days I have used the SiteFeedback platform after reading another Member here at WA's blog.In the past I have requested comments on specific articles on my website and many times what I received was feedback on my entire site and/or on that post :)The SiteComment platform is also much less active than the SiteFeedback platform as I have experienced in the past couple of days. When requesting comments to a particular post and/or posts, it