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Have you ever googled yourself?How about the URL with your name, do you own it yet?The internet is the bathroom wall of the 21st century, if you don't concentrate on building your brand then you are limiting yourself and your growth.Not long ago I had an evil person write on the bathroom wall of the 21st century and wrote some untrue things about me........ I was mortified!We can't stop anyone from writing anything but we can indeed work on creating trust by building our brand.My name URL websi
2018 Best Year Ever & 2019 Will Be Better!Yes, I have earned an income onine since 2007 and the past year 2018 has been my best year ever.Not only have I earned more than $13,000 more than I ever have in any year before, I have also asssisted a few friends in earning their 1st 6 figure year ever and many in earning their 1st 5 figure year ever.2019 will be not only more financially productive for myself as well as many friends, the time freedom will be even more amazing.Time Freedom is such
December 26, 2018
What 4 words do you see 1st?For me, it was Love, Friends, Power & Intelligence.What does it all mean?What is the story behind this post?Comment below with your 1st 4 words as well as your thoughts, I also just now posted this on my Instagram Page and am interested in seeing the differences and/or similiarities!Try sharing it on your Instagram Page and see how that it will assist you in #Crushingit10X in growing your IG account with activity.Crushing it 10X
December 25, 2018
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015 and never plan not to be a member at this wonderful community.In my earlier blog here I shared that I was going to be much more active within the community and I do apologize that I have actually been even less active than before that.View the blog here <- Click there :) That was over a month ago and my rank has gone from 65 then to 111 now, it's all good because my earnings in the past month have far exceeded any other month prior to this one since I
Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate, what does it mean to you?I joined WA on 18 June 2015 and first became an Ambassador here at this amazing community on 24 September 2015 as the screenshot below clearly shows.Back when I first joined WA, I wanted the UserName of TonyLeeHamilton like I use at almost all of the other sites worldwide on the internet that I am a member of. Unfortunately, WA only allows up to 13 characters (Letters and/or Numbers only) and there are of course 15 characters in Tony Le
Not all 843 comments are from others of course, about half of them are from my responses to the comments.That's 420 comments in 18 months = about 23 1/3 comment per month.It's by far my most popular post on my website and also as you most likely understand also my most profitable post.Not only is it my most profitable site, it's also my #1 recommendation to all Friends and Family.Thank you Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy and the internet world for sharing & caring, comments rock!
Google Analytics, Did you get an email from them?I did and it was for my October website stats, is this a new thing?I don't remember getting an email in the past from them, I have shared the screenshot below from my phone.This looks to be a really nice way to remind us to check our Google Analytics at least once a month & better yet, once a week.What do You think?Is the monthly Google Analytics report a good or bad thing?Did You get yours for October for the first time or have you gotten yo
As you can see in the screenshot above that I created moments ago on Saturday October 27th at about 11:45 pm Eastern Standard time that Saturday is my slowest day for my website with only 7,267 pageviews.Since my website focuses on learning and earning on the internet, that is not a surprise to me, are you surprised?Not too many people search the internet looking for an opportunity on Saturday, they're all far too busy celebrating the weekend and spending what it took them all week to earn.Alth
Yes Friends,about a month ago I wrote a post here about the fact that my article was on Page #1 at both Yahoo and Bing but that Google was slow and I was only position #20 there.See the image below - Here is the post from about 1 month ago.As You can see from the screenshot above, the post on my website was written just before August 29th so it has been gaining traction as well.The screenshot below is one that I took at Jaaxy just a few minutes ago and is current now. Jaaxy Pro is worth the do
Below I will share the Feedback that I have received in the past 4 days here via members, I won't include names etc....Yes Friends,I am not a puppy, not only am I 52 years of age, I have also been earning on the internet since 2007.Recently I realized that my website, although productive financially was due for an overhaul cosmetically.The websites here in the 21st Century are expected to look professional and not just be simple, mine has always been and is still simple.I have received much Fee