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I know that I have and it has happened many times, what bothers me is when we have all of the small talk before. What is it that triggers the best time for them to pitch their MLM(Multi-Level Marketing), network marketing, direct sales company/opportunity?It also happens so often with people who we meet with online & more every day and we become more visible while networking on the internet.Believe it or not, I would much rather get the "Opportunity" right in the open, get it out-of-the-w
I just started a YouTube page 3 weeks ago and have only uploaded 1 video that is less than 1 minute in length so far.YouTube, also owned by Google is the #2 search engine in the world, second only to Google.In the 3 weeks, it has been viewed about 2,100 times so I am seriously thinking about uploading and creating more content.I also have the video posted on my website at the top of my most recent WA review article and it has been watched many times from there as well.What is your experience wi
Are You on Instagram?Do You share your website, products, referral links etc.... on Instagram?Your link in your Instagram bio is clickable but you can only have one link, correct?Wouldn't it be great to have a link that when clicked upon, takes your viewer to a lit of possibilities?Well LinkTree does indeed have that feature and for free!Not only that but LinkTree is also very Instagram friendly and not at all blocked there.The 1 downfall in my opinion is that LinkTree doesn't have an affiliate
Yes, time really does fly by when we're having fun & for the most part I have had fun for 4 years here within the WA community.How about You?How long have you been a member here at the Wealthy Affiliate Community?I remember when I found WA through a traffic exchange site, I was so shocked that I hadn't heard about the community before that day.WA launched back in 2005 which is 4 years before I started earning an income online in 2009 so I must not have been ready.412 days of my 4 years here
Hello Friends,I have finally decided to start a new YouTube page ~ The one that I had years ago, I didn't do much with and I never got going.As many of you already know, I am very active at Instagram and it's going great there. I do however know that Google has the edge and now with G+ going away, YouTube is going to be the place to grow.What tips, ideas etc..... do you have for me and others here at WA?What training here have you found helpful in YouTube Marketing?Who here at WA are the exper
This post will be much shorter that the one earlier today that was roughly about 3,000 words. I haven't been near as active here on WA lately but I have indeed been Crushing it 10X elsewhere including on Instagram.My Instagram traffic as seen in the screenshot below has been exploding as I near the 30,000 followers plateau and in the past 7 days I have had almost 21,000 profile visits.Best of all, my websites and income have also been exploding as well!Thank You, Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy and t
New U Life creator Alexy Goldstein revealed by means of a Facebook live that New U Life reps have distributed over 500,000 bottles of the Somaderm HGH gel to consumers via direct sales.No, I don't as well as have never made use of and/or advertised the New U Life "so-called-opportunity" and/or made use of the so called anti aging gel either. Actually, I have composed various other article in past noting the fact that I am not a fan at all, although I do have many acquantances who are.In the wak
Hashtags for Online Business Opportunities!Yes, are you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other Social Media platform?Then, you should now know that hashtags are a great way to share your message with the world and therefore grow your business.What are hashtags?Great that you have asked and I will share with you my thoughts on this question.Hashtags are like keywords and are becoming in my opinion, even more powerful than keywords when used within social media posts.What do You know about
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While I am also active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc......... Instagram is my Favorite Social Media site and also the site that I have the largest following.On Facebook, I have about 5,000 Fans on my main Business Page, on LinkedIn about 14,000 connections, Twitter about 5,000 followers and as the picture below shows, I have over 27,000 followers on Instagram.Instagram is also for me, a much more active community thank the other social media sites. Are You on Instagram?As most of you are