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Instagram Crushing it Tip #12 You must follow to be followed!In the past 2 months my Instagram following has increased by just over 2,500 followers.That's about 1,250 per month, about 300 per week, did it just happen?Did I buy followers?Never!It takes Crushing it 10X daily!Here's the tip for today, follow to be followed!Don't just randomly follow people, have a plan!Find someone in your niche who is Crushing it 10X then go to their most recent post, follow the people who have commented on that
Yes my Friends,it's almost the middle of August!Where has the time gone?Time sure does fly!Are You on pace to reach the 300 Premium Upgraded Members to qualify of the Super Affiliate Conference in 2019 or are you like me and way behind? The above link has the details, just in case you don't know them.They can be found by clicking on the $ tab at the top right here on the WA dashboard.Also, on the $ tab you will find your banners, links, referrals, tasks, mes
Jaaxy SEO at it's Finest! I am all over Page #1 at Google!Yes, the Hashtag #Crushingit10X is exploding on Instagram from 17 posts about 2 weeks ago to now more than 1,000 posts!Aa many of You already know but for those Friends who don't, Crushing it 10X came about by combining 2 of the most Influencial Entrepreneurs in the World right now and the titles of their books - Gary Vee Vaynerchuk wrote "Crushing it" & Grant Cardone wrote "The 10X Rule"Both books are also available in audio format
Facebook + Instagram Crushing it 10X Tip #11 on August 11th 2018How I share pictures from Facebook to Instagram:First I choose "Edit Post" 2) I copy all of the text3) I close out the FB post without saving (No changes were made)4) I click on the picture and when it opens I click on the top right 5) I choose "Share External" then choose "Instagram" then I paste the text that I copied in step #3 then I share on Instagram!Let me know that the above works for you.P.S. The above works for sharing fr
Instagram Crushing it 10X Tip #10 Do You want to be "Your Own Boss"?Start thinking different!There are many ideas within us all, just waiting patiently, hoping that we'll discover & implement them.I had one of those something different because I can ideas!My most recent "Article" (It's not really an article because it has exactly ZERO words within the blog post!) That's right, You read that correctly!A blog post with ZERO words?Yes, it has about 80 Screenshots and I have politely requested
That's right, You read the Title correctly!It says "WA Premium Cover the Cost Starting Now!"Payday at WA is the 1st of every month, I have been a Members since June 2015 and Wealthy Affiliate has never, not even once, not sent me my Affiate Commissions for sharing!"Tony, I just started today" You say!Great! That gives You almost the entire month of August to share your WA referral link and get paid on the 1st of Septmber by Wealthy Affiliate!Doesn't it take about 6 months to start earning? Th
Instagram Money Making Monday Tip #9 in the Crushing it 10X Series! Monday's Money Making Instagram Tip for Crushing it 10X is to take a look at my Instagram bio above ......Did You notice how easily that You are able to read my bio?We as Humans have very short attention spans and with modern technology, even moreso now than ever before and it will continue to shrink over time.The emojis while some may believe that they look silly, actually serve a purpose!They are like Bullet points like we us
Instagram Tip #8 for Crushing it 10X Have You been following the Instagram Crushing it 10X series?Did You realize that there is a brand new Instagram Training video that I created just a few days ago?Are You ready to take your Business to the next level with The #1 Social Media sharing platform on the Planet? <- My opinion, Gary Vee's opinion and many more Influencers opinion!Have You heard of Gary Vee yet? He wrote the book "Crushing it" as well as many others .....Have You heard of Grant
Howdy Friends, This is Instagram Crushing it Tip #7 and I aplogize that it's the first Tip post that I have created since last month ......Hashtags at Instagram, Twittter and even now on LinkedIn are very much like Keywords in SEO!That being said, how do we do our "Keyword Hashtag Research?"View this training that I created yesterday - Instagram Training for Crushing it 10X on Instagram August 2018 (opens in new window)Speaking of training!Friends, comment below with what specific training that