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MMO Make Money Online Review Ideas for becoming a Wealthy Super Affiliate & the Vegas Conference in January 2020:Disclaimer: I am not a representative for any of the below companies but have written articles about them.NutriCellixLeadFlow 247Click Clone Cash Cash FX GroupPanzoid Intro MakerNew U Life Somaderm HGH GelHB NaturalsCryptoTab BrowserIG MoneyTreeGoFoundersOnPasiveMyBitcoin TubeNeoriaNeriumbUnitedMy 20 Dollar Travel BuzinesZurvita Zeal LifeCBD BioCareMy Daily ChoiceHempWorxRoyalti
Happy New Year WA Family, there have now been almost 2 Million Members to this great community since it's launch in 2005 and it's now 2020 so that' an average of about 133,333 members per year.Of course, not all members have ever become Premium Members & as far as I know the % of members who do upgrade is at about 13% so that makes about 260,00 ho have in the past 15 years = about 17,333 Premium Members per year.I have not yet ever made it to the WA Super Affiliate Conference that is held e
December 15, 2019
As far back as when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community there has been varying opinions about whether we should list our websites on the right side of our profile page.I've always felt that it was a good idea because as long as a member was following you here at WA, they could go to your page and click on your website.Recently my thoughts have changed ........What changed?In the past month, visitors from referral sources as you can see from the Google Analyticss screenshot above accounted
Disclaimer: No, I am not a representative for NutriCellix or any other Health & Wellness company.Jaaxy Pro is definitely worth the dough ~ The best $19 per month that you'll ever spend ~ Start your 2020 out right by upgrading your SEO Keyword Research for better results in the SERPs.Disclaimer: No, I am not a representative for NutriCellix or any other Health & Wellness company.
Today is Friday the 13th and this is my 666th blog post here at WA, so should I be worried? Maybe I would be if I were superstitious but I am not!I don't even believe in luck, I believe that we all create our own luck by putting forth the effort of showing up. Not just signing up, showing up & not just showing up and going through the motions.While I must admit that I have indeed been guilty of all of the above, I've also learned that taking massive action is the key to being successful.I
December 08, 2019
There are so many niches available that it's virtually endless!View these awesome posts that I found right here on WA for 1,001 Awesome Niche ideas!Post #1#2#3#4 #5#6#7the above and below training posts are from 2 forever in my mind and heart the greatest Ambassadors in my 4 1/2 years as a Premium Member here at WA!Bonus More great training = Sorted Training!
As the screenshot of my last 7 days via Google Analytics above shows, 70% of my traffic comes from the United States with 51% using a mobile device, 46% using a desktop and 3% using a tablet.Where in Our World is Your Traffic coming from and where are You Located?
The Site Health page recommends 5 or less plugins, do any of you have 5 or less plugins?I don't have many, I have the AMP, GDPR Cookie Consent, Insert Headers & Footers, Kraken Image Optimizer, Pretty Links & the All-In-One SEO as well as the Classic WordPress editor.Are there any above that I can in your expert opinion eliminate?how many plugins do you have?
November 11, 2019
Have you ever thought about outsourcing your content creation?If you're like me and would rather do other things that you are better at than spend time researching and writing articles, outsourcing your content creation may be something for you to take a look at.It's not near as expensive as you would think.Keep in mind you do get what you pay for and choosing keywords as well as titles for your article are some of the things that I suggest that you still do.Seven of the past 8 articles on my m
Affiliate Marketing is indeed the world's simplest business model for newbies!You should notice that I said simple, I didn't say easy!Actually it is also easy, it's also easy not to do ...........Don't be a hamster on a wheel, running and getting nowhere!2020 is fast approaching and so is the Holiday Season, Black Friday & Cyber Monday as well.I just today realized that I had gone over 100 commissions earned for an affiliate program that I joined exactly 9 weeks ago so I am Super Pumped for