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A little while back I wrote about how Google Loves Me.......It's now gotten almost scary, who else is noticing this?Time on site is low but sales are way up so that's fine with me!April & May are well-known for being great months for earning online!Are You Ready?Is Your Website Ready?All of Our Continued Success is My Daily Prayer!
April 09, 2021
It's kinda crazy, Google used to not rank my articles very quickly at all!The past 13 articles that my writer has written for me, by the time I submit them to Google, they're already indexed by them!Has anyone else noticed this?It's shocking and I thought that it was a fluke but now after 13 consecutive articles already being immediately indexed before I even submit them to Google, I am a believer!Someone asked me before if my writer was my Son..... No, my Son actually has no interest in the in
Winter & Spring Selfies.......What a difference the change in weather brings!How many years older do I look in the Winter Selfie?How many years younger do I look in the Spring Selfie?The 1 on the left is only 2 weeks later than the 1 on the right :)OK, about my About Me website........I've owned the site for quite a while now and previously just had it redirected to my WA profile page.March 30th I decided to start the month with it being an actual website......well kind only has 1
471,406 Words written on the Site Content Platform since it's launch!How long ago did it launch, do You remember?We didn't have the Site Content Platform back in June 2015 when I joined Premium at Wealthy Affiliate. I can't remember when it arrived for us here as there have been many improvements over the almost 6 years that I've been at WA!I must admit that many of those 471,406 words weren't written by me.........Most of the articles in the past year have been written by my writer whom I fou
Yes, it's true!My Son is no longer a Teenager!Time sure does fly by when we're having fun!Pictured above is My Son, His Mom & I on the day that we got to take him home from the Hospital. Her and I adopted him at his birth, (She went to Heaven right before his 12th Birthday because of cancer) she would be so proud of the fine young man that he has become!Above is his Senior Picture from a couple of years ago!He has always loved Jeeps!The picture above is from a couple of days ago, it's his
Yes, I said it!Being a Premium Plus+ Member here at WA and paying $99 per month or yearly at a discount is absolutely worth the cost!Because Wealthy Affiliate is a Spam Free Community, it's a safe place to learn and grow our online presence.I've been an upgraded member here at WA since June 2015 and never plan not to be!Here at WA, we're indeed a spam free community & we're only allowed to share Our Website(s) and/or Social Media Sites on the right side of Our WA Profile Page.Because we're
Worse yet, never place limits on yourself!Don't be your own worst enemy!We were all created for greatness & without limits!Of course, we all have limitations, it's up to us to overcome those limits!I've witnessed more times than I'd like to admit & I won't mention names, friends here telling others that they won't see any money for at least 3 - 6 months!I absolutely know for a fact, that's not the truth!it may be that person's truth but they have no right trying to push their truth on a
The Comment Platform here at WA while not perfect is indeed an Amazing Place to Share & Learn!Commenting on an article that someone here has either written or had their writer write is an awesome way to learn and grow.My writer is in the process of writing 7 new articles for me in the next 10 days as he's on Spring Break from College.Have You ever seen his work and commented on any of the articles on my site that he has written?Thank you to those who have & to those that will in the fut
March 01, 2021
My organic website traffic more than tripled to 1 of my websites yesterday!Was it a Fluke?My writer has been writing quality articles for me for about 3 months now since I hired him when my other writer decided to quit.It appears that the articles for the most part are all receiving about the same amount of traffic besides the 1 that I wrote about a year ago that is still outdoing all of the others.Did You also have a strange increase yesterday?My organic traffic went from the like clockwork am
February 03, 2021