Some take longer than others to open their gift!

Last Update: June 17, 2020

Hello Wealthy Affiliate Friends

Do you promote the great opportunity that is the WA training, community etc....?

Do you have some friends who sign up but don't show up?

Some that join then completely go away without even setting up their profile page?

Me too & it used to bother me quite a bit, especially when it was people that are personal friends who I've met in person and not just online.

The reason that it bothered me was because I know the value provided here at Wealthy Affiliate & when a friend says that they're ready to start earning online with a website, I always share WA with them.

I have been with WA for 5 years now and of my 1,306 referrals, only about 5% of them are friends that I have ever met in person. The other 95% are either friends that I know by networking online or people who found my website and joined WA that way.

I have had friends who signed up at Wealthy Affiliate & immediately upgraded to being a Premium Member here as well. Most don't upgrade that quick and usually take the 7-day free tour before deciding to upgrade. Then there are others who, as mentioned earlier, sign up and never show up even to complete their profile.

Still some others will set up their profile page then start trying to promote their business, which of course is a big no-no here within the WA community. Many times those members never upgrade and go away as well, some do of course stay & become a Premium Member.

Now, to the subject stated in the title of this post!

Some friends, sign up and don't complete their profile then in the future come back and upgrade to being a Premium Member. This doesn't happen too often but it does indeed happen, it actually has happened more than a few times with my referrals.

Recently, I had a friend who initially signed up at Wealthy Affiliate 4 years ago, didn't complete her profile and I never heard from again until she returned and upgrade less than a month ago.

I am overjoyed for her as well as the other friends who have decided to take the important step of getting started, even if it takes longer for some than others.

Never give up friends, sharing is caring & we have the most amazing gift to share with anyone who wants to learn how to earn 100% online and from anywhere in Our World!

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SophieKim Premium
Hi Tony,
You are doing very well having that number of referrals. I hope those who stayed and doing the journey read your blog above. Hope they have realized how helpful everyone is in this community. If you have a way of getting in touch via PM with those that didn’t do anything or pursue what they have started maybe give them a nudge. It maybe what they need. You’ll never know until you try! Good luck!

Julia39 Premium
Wow Tony that's a lot if referrals even over 5 years. You know what l believe works. is putting yourself in the shoes of your referral. When l first started even with training l got stuck and couldn't get my head around things everything was beyond me l just couldn't get things going the way l wanted, even as a designer. So my sponsor jumped in and gave me a helping hand. What l mean is sometime people need that extra push or support otherwise they would give up. It can also be embarrassing having to keep asking the community feeling some what a bit thick lol. It's taking me much longer to get where l want as l don't just blog or do quick posts; l have to design, make, photograph or video stuff. as my site is in crafts.
So maybe sometimes just by asking 'How r u doing?' to your referrals it may just make that bit of a difference and things may turn around for you :-)
EdwinBernard Premium
Sadly some referrals do not even get past creating their profile, And they never respond to messages on their profile page.

This tells me two things. Either the timing is not right and they will get active later. Or they decided this is not for them and have decided not to return to the WA platform.

The only option for me is to be patient and keep sending messages periodically to let them know I still wish to be their mentor.


Julia39 Premium
I understand Edwin, I think that is an excellent idea, in trying to find a solution around this although l know it could be quite tiresome for you. So l suppose it is a bit of a fine balance by holding on to your referrals you will benefit in the long run at the same time if they drop out, you will be at a loss. I know if it were me l would definately appreciate your input. Good luck with it all :-)
GazBower Premium
Hello Tony, thank you for sharing your insights as someone who is a 5 year veteran of WA.
It is interesting to know that some will look at the opportunity, go away and then return once the value of it sinks in, not everyone is an impulse buyer.

Best wishes and stay safe.
PKraenzel Premium
The world is trying to tell us its not normal to want fortune and happiness for others, but its a choice we can make and that's what we do here at WA. Some came with that belief they notice it's easy to change here because we all wish that for each other at WA.
Tony stay safe, stay happy, and continue doing what you are doing that makes you happy and others too. it's great
LarryOst Premium
I suppose it is a bit strange that people sign up and then don´t do much but this is definitely the best training I´ve ever found for setting up a website and using it to make money. The community is great and the experience we can access here is fantastic. All the best. Stephen.