Site Health all at 100 besides 70 Plugins

Last Update: December 05, 2019

The Site Health page recommends 5 or less plugins, do any of you have 5 or less plugins?

I don't have many, I have the AMP, GDPR Cookie Consent, Insert Headers & Footers, Kraken Image Optimizer, Pretty Links & the All-In-One SEO as well as the Classic WordPress editor.

Are there any above that I can in your expert opinion eliminate?

how many plugins do you have?

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Tmgreen Premium Plus
Wow, I thought you had 70 plugins at first

I know I have over a dozen. They all have a purpose and most are lightweight. I do use GeneratePress and Elementor, so that adds a few right off the bat.

I don't have any issues with site speed. One thing I do find on mobile site speed is that is not accurate. One minute it will tell you your mobile speed is 36 and the next it will say 86. So I don't know what's up with that. When I visit those pages from a mobile device the site speed is fine.

Anyone else see that happening?

Desktop site speed is always 98-100 on every page.

I first noticed the mobile inconsistency before I switched to GeneratePress and Elementor and I thought is was my plugins. So I reduced it down to 7, but it made no difference. Switching to GeneratePress made no difference either.


wideman Premium
Click bate. I read you were using 70 plugins. LOL. I thing I am running 8, with a few I activate and deactivate as needed.
megawinner Premium
The lesser the better! But still, have 6!
Scwebu Premium
Well done
lesabre Premium
Hi Tony,

Not sure how much your site is into news articles, but I did hear the AMP plugin even though it stands for accelerated mobile speeds is one you can do without. Unless you have a lot of news posts. De-activate and try it would be my suggestion.

Best wishes,