Personal Development is a Huge Worldwide Niche!

Last Update: May 15, 2021

Personal Development is a Huge Niche!

Is it over saturated?

At first glance, it would appear that way but take a closer look......

The above screenshot from Jaaxy shows numbers that aren't so favorable for the niche and being able to compete..... especially as a newbie.

See the screenshot above?

The traffic isn't as huge but the QSR(competition) isn't near as massive......

75% of young people are interested in some form of personal development...... is that a niche for the future?

Have you ever been a teen?

Are those of us who have been teens (I'm now 55 years old) able to connect with the teens of today?

Would they even listen to me/us?

Personal Development Coach?

is this You?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Definitely some points to ponder, Tony!

philmedia Premium Plus
Great post-Tony; as a trained coach, there is a lot of us in the market. However, most coaches sell being a coach as opposed to talking about the problems they solve.

Coaching can be a massive help as many of the top leaders worldwide have one. But no one buys a coach is my thinking.

However, changing lives and adding money to the bottom line and they will buy that.

The biggest issue for young people right now is self-esteem and confidence, but they won't buy that, but getting the next job or being confident at an interview, yes, they will go for that! Great post! I hope you are well, Phil.
richardgb Premium
Hi Tony
I am a professional coach (or at least I was... Once a coach always a coach I reckon). I’ve been focusing more on achievement and productivity... you’ve uncovered some interesting keywords there. Thank you for sharing.
Damien15 Premium
Hi, Tony it's the same with the supplements industry, "my niche".
While it's big & competitive, there's still room for the little guy i believe, you just have to work harder & wait longer.
But eventually......when the commission's do come, they can be quite high, with a projected $650 billion per year, by 2024!
Some people are making $1500 per day of one product, not hard to see why, when you're getting $40-50-60-70 dollars per sale, say 40% commission, and the average sale over $100-170 dollars.

Have a fabulous new week sir.

KingWise132 Premium
thank you so much I learned a lot .glad you could share your are a real one!