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Last Update: December 13, 2019

Disclaimer: No, I am not a representative for NutriCellix or any other Health & Wellness company.

Jaaxy Pro is definitely worth the dough ~ The best $19 per month that you'll ever spend ~ Start your 2020 out right by upgrading your SEO Keyword Research for better results in the SERPs.

Disclaimer: No, I am not a representative for NutriCellix or any other Health & Wellness company.

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Shipwright Premium
Well done Tony - a great example of a great keyword - 100+ searches per month, 100- QSR , a keyword that makes Human sense and obviously a well written article = page 1 on all the major search engines . For those who do not follow this simple rule then this is an example of how easy it can be to achieve this, using Jaaxy Pro of course !
John2handy Premium
All due respect guys, but no one has actually answered my question. Tony? What is the advantage you are talking about?
I read the list on the upgrade. Where is it you are getting your value. More checks per month? Ranking information? Probably is true I won't need it until I am more advanced, but I wondered where is the value? Besides selling Jaxxy upgrades to people who do need it. I get that. And that ain't a bad reason. imho
TonyHamilton Premium Plus

you actually don't have to upgrade in order to earn from Jaaxy referral upgrades my friend.

As for the benefits of Jaaxy Pro, read this ~ Thank you for the great question John as I have never been a Jaaxy lite member.

John2handy Premium
Thank you that helps.

I got my first WA referral today. (Grins)
and a Jaxxy referral too along with it.
So I am hoping they do upgrade.
I plan to bug you some more about this when I'm ready.
Tirolith Premium
“An emotional occasion will create an opportunity to reflect and upgrade your lifestyle to success so reflect and upgrade your future.” Tom Short.

“Thinking of yourself as a success expands your ability's in life.” Tom Short.

“Success will become Natural when You Are doing what You Love.” Tom Short.

Cimber Premium
Congratulations! 👍
gerryheb55 Premium