New About Me Website Gaining Traction!

Last Update: April 06, 2021

Winter & Spring Selfies.......

What a difference the change in weather brings!

How many years older do I look in the Winter Selfie?

How many years younger do I look in the Spring Selfie?

The 1 on the left is only 2 weeks later than the 1 on the right :)

OK, about my About Me website........

I've owned the site for quite a while now and previously just had it redirected to my WA profile page.

March 30th I decided to start the month with it being an actual website......well kind only has 1 post & it's just about me and my Vision for the Christian Family Campground. It does also include my referral links and today I shared it with a few Social sites & so far 4 referrals have already come through there.

Not bad for a site that I just today actually hooked up to Google Analytics (as shown above)

Remember, it's not about Getting Rich!

It's about being able to be more helpful, money is only a tool for us to use in the right way.

Thank you WA Friends, I've thoroughly enjoyed my almost 6 years as a Member here!

Even tho I've been earning and helping friends earn online since 2009, I still learn something new every day here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do the Training, it works!

Tony Lee Hamilton aka the Digital Marketing Veteran

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Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Tony,

It's great to see that you are doing well. And good to know that the about me website is gaining traction. I'm guessing that you have you're about me website linked to all your other websites?

It's amazing how a short beard can take 10 years of a man!

Have a great day,

Jesusfan Premium
I agree with "Remember, it's not about getting rich! It's about being able to be more helpful, money is only a tool for us to use in the right way."

I hope your new website does really well, Tony, so you are able to open that Christian family campground.

TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank You so very much Lynn,

I will indeed accomplish my Vision my friend.

drjec Premium
I love the the idea of a Christian oriented campground. When I lived up north, I took groups of guys out goose hunting and devotional time. It was wonderful
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank you so very much Jim, devotional time is priceless indeed!

SylviaChrist Premium
Me too!:)
AndyN1 Premium
Hi Tony
Wishing your new site all success.
You are a real inspiration to us all!
All the best
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Hi Andy,
thank you my friend & all of our continued success is my daily Prayer.
All the best to you as well,
Dhind1 Premium Plus
There is quite a difference in the pictures. - You clean up pretty good.

Four referrals is pretty good for a site that was not your focus.

It just goes to show what can be accomplished here.

TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank you Alex, yes it's 5 now my friend.