My website traffic crashed yesterday!

Last Update: December 22, 2020

My website traffic was going up and looking great for the past 90 days, then all of a sudden yesterday I woke up to the Google Analytics above!

What a surprise it was for me to see that my traffic crashed to less than 70% of the past days .......... I literally only had about 30% as many visitors yesterday than I've had for many days consecutively!

Oddly, yesterday was my biggest day for earning commissions in the past 90 days as well.........

Has anyone else had this issue?

We'll see tomorrow if today's traffic is better!

Hopefully the commissions keep coming in while the traffic grows then the commissions increase even more.

On another great note, I have assisted many friends in 2020 to achieve their financial goals for the year.

Thank you friends for always sharing & caring,


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ThatGuyDev Premium
Have you checked Google Search Console? Also look into which pages had traffic and lost it and analyze those. How is the content on those pages? If you got hit with a penalty itll usually be stated in Google Search Console, though not always if it is a manual action. But yeah, first thing I would do is see where the traffic was lost in terms of source and landing page and work from there.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Tony,

I hope you're doing well and business is good. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year.

I'm sorry to hear that your traffic has dropped rapidly. I know that Google has made some changes, however, is it due to the Christmas period with people doing last-minute Christmas shopping? I can imagine that people have less time to look for Internet marketing products just before Christmas. I do hope your traffic quickly levels up.

It's great to hear Tony that you assisted family friends in achieving their financial goals for the year. That's a great thing today.

Have a great day.

Meenaf1 Premium Plus
My Pinterest account's views have jumped down all the way from 2K to 200 which is really ridiculous. Just in 2 days!

I keep posting in Facebook but it disappears. I wanted to create a post from my website but it didn't work.

I updated my about status and I choose not to share with public but guess what? Facebook did the opposite. It was shared!

People says it is a bug only in WA but there are bugs everywhere.

Anyways, thanks for sharing. I don't feel alone in this.
BrendaMZ Premium
Hi Tony, awesome. I’ve been reading your sure blogs and keep up with what you are doing. I am moving at such a old turtle pace. No fault of my own, its my health, hard to live with MS and the chronic fatigue that goes with it. Anyhow, its good to see that you’ve been getting good steady traffic and earning commissions. Its normal from SEO standpoint that every once and a while Google’s traffic does crash, just like YouTube. Keep up with the good work!
Anointed786 Premium
Well done on the commission Tony! I’m still early In my journey but it’s great that you’re sharing. It helps me stay motivated to keep going. Thanks again.