My Best advice to new members at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: October 03, 2017

My Best advice to new members at Wealthy Affiliate

It's all about ROI = Return on investment and I'm not only speaking of Return on Investment of your Currency, More importantly the Return on the Investment of your time which is much more valuable!

First of all, If you're not yet a Premium Member then I advise you to become a premium member as soon as you are financially able.

If you are a Premium Member then congratulations on taking the very important step to creating an income online from anywhere in the world!

For those who can't yet afford to become a Premium Member, I advise you to share WA with your Social Networks because as a free Member you can still earn 20% when someone who you refer becomes a Premium Member.

Will it be easy?

No, it'll be very hard!

Will it be worth it?

Absolutely worth it if you plan to earn a full time income online!

Although many will disagree with me and that's ok.

I also recommend that if you are willing to, I would have you start with the Affiliate Bootcamp site so that you can start to earn an income and be able to become a Premium Member here at WA.

Once you're earning an income at WA and a Premium Member you can then concentrate on building your niche site based upon what you are passionate about and have no worries about earning from that site right away!

No pressure = more amazing content and more fun sharing what you love without thinking in the back of your mind, "How can I get a sale from this post?"

OK, next!

As a Free member you are also allowed to follow 200 Friends here on WA. You already follow the Owners Kyle and Carson by default and if one of them aren't your referrer then you will also be following your referrer.

My best advice is to follow the Top 100 Friends here at WA, They can be found by clicking on the "Rank' tab at the top right.

Then take a look at their profile page and scroll all the way down to the bottom right, that is where they will have their website(s) and/or Social Media site(s) listed.

Take a look at those to learn from the best, as for your remaining 100 allowed to Follow. I would follow who you connect well with here at WA.

Most importantly work!

At least 1 hour 5 days a week on Wealthy Affiliate and sharing .

Go to bed 1 hour later, get up 1 hour earlier, don't watch as much TV, (I never watch TV) Don't get caught up in Social media (I am guilty of this one) and don't overthink and/or search the internet for a "Get Rich Quick" thing!

Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best community with the greatest training, support and affiliate program on the internet and in the world!

I pray that these tips help you to earn an income inline and look forward to hearing about your success!


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BShafferman Premium
Yes, the community here is wonderful. I follow the top 200, this way I see their blogs, trainings, and sites. That is a great way to learn more. That and the search bar. Love that feature. I started out here knowing nothing at all about any of this, and I have learned soooo much.
Thanks for sharing.
Lazyblogger Premium
Great advice Tony, I agree with sharing WA and what you are learning with your social following. I did that in the beginning to take care of my premium membership, and it worked out for me. I would add that new members take a look at Jay's ( aka Magistudios ) training as well to have a clearer and up-to-date knowledge of SEO. Thank you for this post.
Swangirl Premium
Great tips Tony. I need to go through the Bootcamp courses regardless I think just to get more tips and tricks. I would like to start a WA site...also want to start my nutrient deficiency/supplementation site too though. And I need to get my existing site up to a higher level of production too. I have a lot still to do there.

Then of course I need to finish my Master's Degree and it is my busies season at work!! So many directions to go. I need to pick just two to focus on.

Flash4 Premium
Thank you Tony, yes I will be joining Premier within a day or so.
I've been this path before and got caught up in working a program, Erfanview where you crop your picture and upload to your web site. Well, I couldn't get it, couldn't make it look the same as the instructors computer page. Dropped out feeling very much a failure.
Hopefully this time I will get the correct instruction & help.
Cheers, Flash
ArieOrtiz903 Premium
Awesome advice Tony! I have have been working on a niche site since last June and although I haven't earned anything from it, It has been going well as I have learned quite a bit from it.

Out of curiousity, since I currently have my niche site up and you think going for a WA site first is better, when would you say is the best time to start up the Affiliate Bootcamp Phases? Do you think it would be best for me to continue with my main site for a bit longer like maybe for at least a year or so?
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Yesterday Arie :)
ArieOrtiz903 Premium
So should I work on both my niche site and WA site hand in hand? Like mainly blogging there about my experiences with WA?