Mother's Days are sad for me.

Last Update: May 08, 2022

Happy Mother's Day to all of You Beautiful Moms!

Mother's Day is indeed a time to show and tell our Mom how important and appreciated that they are...... We should of course do that every day!

My Mom had 6 Children, at the age of 22 She had a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 & Newborn.... I am the oldest, our youngest Sister came along 5 years later.

I'm always sad on Mother's Day as my Mom took her own life back when I was 22 years old & stationed In Germany while in the United States Army. I had just finished Men's Softball practice & my Wife and I returned to our home. The phone rang and that's when I got the terrible news that my Mom was in a coma from mixing alcohol and prescription medication....... My Wife & I flew back home to the USA immediately but my Mom passed away just as we arrived to the airport in America......

She was very depressed about life and I wish that I could have helped her to feel better....

Mother's Day without my Mom was not the same.......... But my Wife became a Mom when Her & I adopted our Son 13 years later so that helped my spirit to become somewhat happier on Mother's Day.

Sadly, just before our Son turned 12 years old, His Mom passed away from Breast Cancer.....

That being said, Mother's Day is still a day to be celebrated but it'll never ever be the same for me.

Always tell those that Yiou Love just how much You Love & Appreciate them.

Happy Mother's Day to all of You Beautiful Moms!

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brichnow21 Premium Plus
Tony, thank you for this heart-felt piece.
Mother's Day is much like yours,as my older brother, Chris, took his life at the age of 24, ...narcotics, back in 1973.
We buried him day aftter Mother's Day.
My gift from this experience, Gotta find one, I taught children for years with similar emotional problems. "If I could help just one, my efforts are worth it!"
We carry the memories of the good times, which helps during those many times we wish they were still with us.
Always in our hearts.
Thanks for sharing, Tony.
JeannineC Premium
You had two wonderful experiences of Mom, though they were far too short. Hold onto those, savor the memories, pass along the special meaning of the day to your son. Life isn't fair most of the time, and it certainly wasn't fair to you, but still, hold on to the blessings you did get and pass them on. Hugs.
lesabre Premium
Hi Tony, I am sorry to hear what happened to your mother. You had a loving mum for 22 years, there are certain things we do not understand and there are certain things we know. I have been following you since I started WA and I know your mum was a great lady.


west2000 Premium
I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic losses, Tony. That's just heartbreaking to know. Life is so precious and fragile. Your mom and son's mother would be proud of you. Thanks for sharing your story.

CherryRed20 Premium
I am so sorry to hear about your loss...