Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Last Update: July 07, 2016

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

If you're looking to get rich quick then yes Wealthy Affiliate is a scam .......

If you're willing to work hard on your website, learn with the exceptional training and get involved with the wonderful community then no Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam!

If you are just now signing up with WA then get involved, Have a real good look around and you will see that this is absolutely the best place to be to learn how to generate a legit income online.

The reason that some feel that WA is a scam is because they sign up and don't show up - It is easy to sign up and to not do anything then to make themselves feel better they simply say that it's a scam.

It happens within the online networking community to many other companies as well and not just to Wealthy Affiliate

When you not only sign up but show up then you will see that WA is indeed legit and not a scam.

Thank you Friends for taking the time to view and comment below with how long that You have been with Wealthy Affiliate and your experience so far.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Share with us below why it is or isn't in your opinion!

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shashe Premium
They have excellent training waiting right here to take advantage of everything so if you don't show up and use it then you don't get the benefits so it does not work for you and then you cry scam. However if you do then your success depends on you learning and working. Just like it does in anything in life.
RogerSleep Premium
I agree that nothing happens without putting in the effort. I have been a member for two months now and am going slowly with the courses and lessons (now on course 2 lesson 6) which for two months you may think is slow. I am also running a small business so am struggling with my time management. I love the community, the comments and the blogs. My prime concern is that most of the time I have no clue what the other members are talking about with their questions! Hopefully knowledge comes with time. If it was a scam I don't think the community would be so active or helpful. I am looking forward to becoming at least a little knowledgeable!
stevecox Premium
Tony - Thanks for the post. Do the research, REAL research, like several days worth and anyone will find that WA is not a SCAM!

WA is no more of a scam that being in the following fields:
Government (Federal, State, Local)
Information Technology
Well, the list could go on for pages as everyone knows.

Frankly, we could say the entire planet and universe are scams.

The point is that there are some people who will say that if they don't get instant results because we are accustomed to instant gratification in our world...........something is a SCAM.

My take - If you don't get off your A#* and WORK - YOU are a scam.

Oops, did I say all of that out loud!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT DAY!

kathyp Premium
Thank you for posting this - I agree that there are many people who sign up for things, thinking that they can earn money by doing nothing, and then complain when it doesn't happen. I've been absent for 6 months because my college work overwhelmed me and I needed to finish my course. Now I have finished, have achieved my qualification, and am eager to get on with the Courses that I started and, sadly, had to leave. So I will be trying to get more involved from hereon in, and looking forward to trying to earn some money eventually.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Welcome back Kathy, We look forward to networking with you my Friend!
melanieJ Premium
I see it as an educational company, it teaches a person to build a successful online business. It's totally that persons choice to use the training or not. It costs pretty much the same as a gym membership per month. Are gyms a scam?? Plus there is no yearly contract. It's totally not a scam, but I agree it's not a get rich quick thing .
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Some do say that gym memberships are scams because as you said, some sign up there and don't show up either Melanie.

Thank You for sharing the comparison my Friend,