Is it just me or does this also happening to You?

Last Update: Sep 22, 2022

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Is it just me or does this also happening to You?

The notification bell & my profile notifications haven't worked properly lately, how about yours?

I can't view what my notifications are & the # never goes just keeps getting higher.

What glitches are You seeing lately?

See image below for details......

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Good morning Tony,

Thank you for your blog post, I hope you're doing well.

I have noticed now for several months that it takes a long time for the notifications to load. I usually click on the bell and then go to a new webpage and come back five minutes later, by which time it has usually loaded! Not ideal!

Have a great day.


Yes, it is always slow loading - doesn’t matter if there are 2 notifications or 20.

Same way with the official Pinterest page. Like you, I do something else while I am waiting for the page to come up.

Mary Ann

Hi Tony this has been happening even before their latest update. currently I have 29 notifications and the wheel just keeps spinning around. Once in a while it works other times just hangs in there.
Even when you do the usual of clearing the caches refreshing the browser and anything else that is standar.
So you are not walking alone with that so now I just don't bother if it works it works if not so be it.
As long as our website works that's what counts not the bells and whistles we get.

It keeps buffering and not showing anything. Looks like they updating something.


I've noticed things like duplicate comments and though the comment count has say 6 comments it only shows 2. Not every just in places. I've also noticed that my stat tracks lower and differently.
Minor glitches that I'm sure will get worked out. This was a huge update.

My notification bell is over 2k and when I click, it spins its wheels. Ah well. Everything else is ok, so far.


Tony, my notification both on desktop and mobile does the same thing, it keeps spinning, it’s one of those bugs report it to the Official Bug thread on Kyle’s blog. Just ignore it, once they iron out the bugs, it will go away. They got to iron out the bugs and the glitches.

Thank You Brenda for letting me know that I'm not the only one with this particular issue............

Yeah, what I did on my desktop in my MacBook Pro leave it open on my Safari browser and let it spin. Since its so many numbers after 30 to 25 minutes or so the list showed up then the notification went away but I could not do that on mobile.

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